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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Crossbow Hunters: Regulations In the US

The crossbow has been around for centuries and has been implemented in warfare to devastating effect. However, evolution of weaponry has rendered it obsolete in warfare but it has nonetheless gained a permanent spot in the heart of modern day hunters. Most hunters would prefer to use a rifle for its power and accuracy but there are still some who enjoy the thrill of shooting a crossbow and hunting with it. Those handicapped individuals that wish to take part in the activity can also do so with relative ease thanks to the technology and equipment of today. It is a fun and challenging activity and should be enjoyed by everyone no matter what their issue is, that is why my primary intent is to provide more information about hunting for the disabled, the basic principles, the laws covering it and all other pertinent details. First and foremost, here is a small discussion of the many laws covering the area of crossbow hunting that varies according to state. If for example you are from Alaska then hunting is legal through archery season however you will need to secure a methods and means exemption form and just the same in most states you would have to acquire a handicapped permit to be able to hunt. Generally there are some states such as Arkansas and Illinois that are more meticulous with their requirements in the sense that they may require your crossbow to be modified in accordance with their safety standards. Realizing the law is essential because hunting for the handicapped would possibly require a special permit in some states to insure safety and to regulate this activity so that everyone wishing to partake can safely benefit from it. Hunting for the handicapped will require a variety of equipment such as a wheelchair and a mount for the crossbow itself. The wheel chair can be operated using a mouthpiece. The mount is where it can be placed and attached to the wheelchair so that the hunter would not have to expend much energy carrying the bow and aiming it. There is also a trigger mechanism in the mouthpiece that releases the bolt for those handicapped above the waist. You can even operate the wheelchair through your chin and use your fingers to stabilize the crossbow. There are certainly plenty of options for handicapped hunters and numerous equipment to make them as efficient as any able bodied person. You don’t have to worry about the limitations you may think you have because the equipment available to you make sure that all existing or possible handicaps and limitations are compensated for in a manner which will insure optimum hunting. With the basics covered, you can now grab your crossbow and head out into the woods. Remember to secure a permit and comply with the policies and requirements according to your state before engaging in this activity and also make sure you have the necessary equipment and have them calibrated according to state standards. It is important to be acquainted with the law so that you can afford the protection of the laws should you need it. Happy hunting!   Want more information on Crossbow Regulations. Also find Crossbows For Sale here.
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