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Crossbow Hunting in the Rain

Hunting in the rain using a crossbow can be challenging. Hunters will agree that a little drizzle and mist can be advantageous to some degree, but a strong downpour is especially difficult, particularly when it comes to tracking game. However, there might be some instances where the weather becomes unpredictable and a hunter gets caught in the middle of a heavy rain. In these cases, it’s better to come prepared with the right gear and clothing. As a precaution, when there’s a possible chance of rain, wax or oil the crossbow while preparing for the hunt. Bringing a plastic bag where it could fit once the downpour begins is also a good idea. However, keep in mind to take it out as soon as possible, otherwise, condensation in the bag can ruin it. If rust does get into the crossbow, wiping the affected area with a gun cleaner can do the trick. A water-displacing spray can also be used for removing moisture in the hard to reach nooks and crannies. Besides the crossbow, preparing the right gear and clothing is also important. Quality rain hunting gear maybe expensive but for the hunting aficionados, this can be a good investment since it can be more durable for more outdoor activities. Bringing a wide-brimmed hat and wearing warm and comfortable camouflage clothing are also things to consider. Wet ground can be slippery, so finding the right kind of boots can prevent any bad fall or accidents that can ruin the hunting experience. Hunting-Under-the-rain Tracking is the most challenging part of hunting under the rain. The rain covers any noise, blood trails and any other tracks so hunting becomes really tricky. Deer can still be around even during a light rain but once the rain gets heavier, they start to disperse and hide. Meanwhile, hogs are better to hunt in the rain since these animals enjoy the mud. Shooting in close distances is also recommended because the rain makes it difficult to see the arrow’s trajectory, plus shooting from a lesser distance gives better arrow penetration of the prey. Hunting under the rain, especially during a heavy downpour, presents a more dangerous hunting situation so it’s best to bring along a hunting companion. It’s always better to have someone along to help in case something happens. Whether it’s a bright sunny weather or an overcast day, safety should be a foremost concern for a crossbow hunter.
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