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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Crossbows from the Best

The crossbow has been an invaluable weapon for warfare since its introduction in the early 4th century. The weapon consists of a bow that is mounted on a stock and loaded with projectiles known as bolts. The crossbow was developed as weapons for untrained soldiers because the longbow proved to be very hard to wield for these soldiers. The Top 5 Manufacturers of Crossbows             Consumers want only the best products available and the same can be said for crossbows. Manufacturers are rated by their product quality, product performance, product durability, and customer service. These factors are very important to any manufacturer because they determine the sales that a certain manufacturer will have. In the world of crossbows, the top 5 manufacturers are Excalibur crossbow, Tenpoint Crossbows, Scorpyd Crossbows, Parker Bows, and Darton Archery. These manufacturers all have the very best quality and performance with their crossbows as well as very fast customer service and quick replacement or repairs. Their crossbows also last for a very long time and contain the latest technology in the field of stealth, vision, and accuracy. Excalibur 2012 Exomax Crossbow - w/ Shadow-Zone Lite-Stuff Package Why Are They the Top 5?             The top 5 manufacturers of crossbow are considered as such because each of them offers a unique design which can be found in their individually manufactured crossbows. Excalibur does this by developing the most basic parts of the crossbow. One example would be the lightning fast limbs that their crossbows have. Aside from this feature, their crossbows only weigh half the weight of other compound crossbows. Tenpoint prides itself with crossbows that focus on power, accuracy, and precision. Their crossbows are also designed to have reduced weight without compromising durability. Scorpyd, with their tagline “technology beyond evolution”, features very advanced crossbows which have the largest arsenal of technological advancements of any crossbow today. Their crossbows have additional features such as stabilizers and a string technology which is not found in other crossbows. Parker crossbows take pride in their diverse selection of crossbows, each with its own unique market. Their diverse selection of crossbows ensures that any type of hunter can find his/her preferred crossbow in their selection. Darton Archery crossbows have sophisticated features which delivers the best performance for a crossbow. Some of the features such as the string catch design help in accuracy while some features such as the string suppressor system helps in reducing noise. Click here to find the excalibur crossbows.
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