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Crossbows versus Guns

Crossbows Vs Guns: Which is better?

Throughout the course of history, weapons have been used to hunt and to protect one’s self to ensure survival. Compared to the animals they hunted, Man wasn’t necessarily as fast nor was he as strong. Thus humanity learned to rely on weapons. There has also been many instances where the violence of the weapons Man used was directed to his fellow man, but that is another story. The fact of the matter is, aside from survival the innovation and development of guns was also strongly influenced by the human race’s need to protect themselves. We will compare two weapons that have more or less changed and revolutionized hunting and warfare during throughout history when they were first introduced. These weapons would be the compund crossbow and the handgun. Some may think these weapons are one in the same, they couldn't be more wrong.

[caption id="attachment_2963" align="aligncenter" width="467"]2013 PSE TAC Elite Crossbow 2013 PSE TAC Elite Crossbow[/caption] These weapons, during the time they were developed highly revolutionized how wars were fought and what strategies to use during these wars or during a hunt. Crossbows made siege defenses much more sinister because they were quite easy to use compared to normal compound bows. Its usability afforded defenders of an enclosed city or castle more time before reinforcements arrived. Crossbows in the hands of attackers also made it much easier for them to be end a siege, especially in the event that the defenders are also using them. Guns on the other hand, not only revolutionized warfare in the 1800s and 1900s but it also modernized the strategies used in war. Guns were not as cumbersome as crossbows were, and the ammunition used for them completely vary in that the quarrels used for crossbows were many times bigger than the bullets used for guns. Crossbows are still being used very much today and their use is on the rise as a result of impending gun regulations. Military's worldwide used them at one time but that has ceased for the most part. For hunters, using crossbows happen to be better because wounds inflicted on the prey by the bolts or quarrels are not as messy as the wounds inflicted using guns. For hunting animals that are very sensitive to noise and their surroundings using crossbows would be a better call since they allow for you to be a lot stealthier during the hunt and aren’t as noisy when you fire them, unlike guns which make a lot of noise and tends to easily frighten these animals.  
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