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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Difference Between A Longbow and A Recurve Bow

If you are a beginner at archery, you are probably wondering about what makes a long bow different from a recurve bow. These two bows look similar, especially when they are made of wood, but there are some little details that make them very different from each other, especially in performance. The traditional English longbow is the most famous bow design popularized by fictional figures like Robin Hood and William Tell. It is made of one single piece of wood and only gains its iconic curved shape when it is strung. Longbows, as the name suggests, are very long, often as tall as the archer itself; and the longer the bow is, the more power it imparts to the arrow. PSE Razorback Jr 54 Recurves on the other hand, are made from several pieces of already curved wood, sometimes animal horn is used. Because of its distinctive recurving design, when the bow string is drawn more tension is gained from the bow. This makes the recurve bow the more powerful choice between the two. This is the bow that made the Mongol horde led by Genghis Khan such a formidable fighting force. Because the recurve is smaller but can deliver as much power as long bows, the Mongols are able to shoot arrows even while they are on their horses at full gallop, and this is what made it possible for them to conquer almost all of Asia in their time. In terms of accuracy, the recurve also has the advantage over the longbow. Because the arrows rest on the wood in the recurves, it is easier to aim. Another disadvantage that people notice about the longbow is its length makes it difficult to draw, much less aim. But the accuracy is actually dependent on the ability of the archer; there are archers who are comfortable using a longbow, while there are some that like using the recurve bow because of its more solid feel. If you talk about the longbow and the recurve used in the medieval ages, then the clear winner between the two is the recurve because of its draw power and accuracy. But if you talk about modern bows, the difference between the two types are purely preferential. If you think you shoot better using a longbow then by all means use it. It does not matter what kind of weapon you have in your hand, the important thing to make it shoot straight is the skill of the user. Click here to check the most popullar recurve bows in the market.
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