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Disarming a Loaded Crossbow: 4 Ideas

If you're new to crossbow shooting, or just like to learn as much as you can, here are 4 options for disarming a loaded crossbow.

[caption id="attachment_5794" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The Barnett Ghost 410 A loaded crossbow can be trick to disarm.[/caption] It's midmorning and you are returning empty handed to your pickup. We've all been there. Your hunt didn't turn out like you hoped it would and now it's time to head home. One problem. Your crossbow is still loaded and the string is cocked. Disarming a loaded crossbow is very simple and can be done safely in a variety of ways. Here are 4 different ways for disarming a loaded crossbow.

1. The Basic

The easiest way to disarm a loaded crossbow is to just load up one of your regular arrows and discharge a shot into the surrounding countryside. If you have a bank or hillside to shoot into this is as simple as it gets. Due to the high velocity of today's crossbows, this practice can cause some wear and tear on arrows and could lead to broken arrows if you're not careful.

2. Ground Pounder

An economical choice for disarming a loaded crossbow is purchasing a cheap Carbon Express Release Bolt for the job. Carbon Express designed these bolts specifically to take a beating. Weighing in at 1,100 grains with a sold steel front end, you won't have to worry about breaking one of your good hunting arrows. Another advantage is that it will take up very little space alongside your other arrows.

3. Manual

There is a way for manually disarming a loaded crossbow, and all you need is your cocking rope. To begin, ensure the arrow is removed from the bow. Next, place the crossbow in the same position it is when you finish the drawing cycle. Attach your cocking rope to the string and pull the rope in your dominant hand until all the slack is pulled out. At this point if you pull the trigger you can carefully drop the string down if you can muscle the string. Although this method is the simplest, it is worth noting the added risk involved. If you are unable to slowly release the string you could be facing a dry-fire, which can be severely hard on your equipment. Watch this video for a better idea of the manual method.

4. The Defuser

The final method for safely unloading a crossbow is using The Crossbow Defuser. This nifty little device replaces your arrow and uses tension to slowly return the string to the resting position. This product is very new and there is a lot to learn about how effective it is, it's cost, and how hunters report on it. Keep your eyes peeled in the future. So next time you are coming home empty handed from a trip to the woods and begin disarming a loaded crossbow, try one of these proven steps to get your bow back to resting.
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