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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Don’t Do it Last Minute, Prepare for Hunting Season Now!

Hunting has always been popular since ancient times. Archery in the past was not only used for combat but also for hunting game to feed the hunter and his family. Today, hunting is a popular sport for people of all ages, and one of the best methods of hunting is still with the use of bows and arrows. More and more modern equipment is being developed for bow hunters. Besides the type of bow that should be used in hunting, using the right types of arrows gives a big difference on hunting results. Two of the most popular brands of archery equipment today have different types of archery arrows where each type has a specific purpose for hunting. Easton archery has some of the best hunter arrows money can buy. The Full Metal Jacket is one of the most common hunting arrows chosen by bow hunters. This type of arrow has a hard-hitting impact and can deliver knockout blows. A Full Metal Jacket is capable of more penetration and a perfect shot with it can reduce blood trails of escaping targets. There are three other variations of the FMJ arrow. Those are the FMJ Camo, FMJ Lost Camo, and the FMJ Dangerous Game. Slight modifications in features had been done but all of them can deliver shots as accurate and deadly as the original Full Metal Jacket. Axis archery arrows is another favorite choice of bow hunters who look for deep penetrating shots against big games. Axis has N-FUSED CARBON nanotubes that give more power when compared to the usual N-FUSED CARBON arrows. Because of this, Joe Bell, an editor of Bow and Arrow Magazine, dubbed the Axis arrow as “the bow hunter’s dream arrow.” Other hunting arrows offered by the Easton Archery are the A/C/C Pro Hunting Series, Ion, XX78 Super Slam Digital, XX75 Camo Hunter, and the XX75 Gamegetter. All of these arrows deliver top-quality performance for top-level bow hunters and other archery enthusiasts. Archery Arrows Beman Carbon Arrows offers top-notch arrows for hunting big targets. The Beman Centershot arrow has a reduced diameter which makes it more lethal and has more kinetic storage making it capable of taking down bigger games. Beman Nightfall is one of the brand’s latest. It has micro-diameter which increases kinetic effectiveness and deeper penetration capabilities for a successful kill. ICS Hunter Pro Lost Camo is one of Beman’s Latest and most advanced lightweight carbon. It is especially equipped to be a bow hunter’s favorite for its flat line of flight and an accurate, hard hitting impact. ICS Bowhunter arrows deliver outstanding arrow performance among carbon arrows. It offers power yet with very lightweight carbon for adequate speed and long term durability. Safety is very important among archery practitioners to avoid injury during hunting. Arrows need to be checked as arrow shafts can be damaged upon impact with other arrows and other hard surfaces. Bows and arrows to be used for hunting should always be checked for cracks, nicks, splits, and other signs of imperfection. Unlike arrow shafts made of aluminum, carbon arrows shatter as they break during impact creating tiny sharp debris which is dangerous to humans if it enters their system. When an animal is shot with carbon arrows it is important to check area where the arrow penetrated to see if the shaft is shattered. Hunters and practitioners alike should remember not to use damaged archery arrows to avoid serious injuries. When an arrow shatters inside a targeted game animal, the meat that might contain splinters must be disposed of immediately and must not be left for other animals to consume. Carefully separate the flesh from the punctured wound; as it may contain shattered parts of the carbon fiber shaft.
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