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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Essential Bowfishing Accessories

Not everyone prefers hunting the large animals. This can be intimidating for some people. You may be too old, you may have some injury that is holding you back, or maybe you just plain don’t like that type of hunting. That is where bowfishing appears. It is one of the most calm and serene forms of hunting. You can still get the thrill of hunting without all of the “extra factors” that are needed for traditional hunting. The main items that you need to get started fishing are a quality bow, a good arrow and a good broadhead. Additional accessories that you may want to look into are a fishing reel, and a quality arrow rest. Fishing for Carp at nighttime I want you to remember that this is a completely different type of hunting game. Speed and power is not necessarily everything when you are bowfishing. You only need to get a bow that has a draw weight of about 30 pounds. This can hold true for even some of the bigger fish. What matters here revolves around the arrow. Luckily, most arrows are made of a very sturdy and heavy type of fiberglass. This is crucial to shooting the fish because if you had a weaker arrow, then it might break, and your fish would just swim away. Likewise, if your broadheads is not stuck in your fish, they can easily swim away, so make sure you are getting sharp quality broadheads. A reel retriever can make your life a whole lot easier. Some reels do not have any way to retrieve the line so you are going to have to pull these lines in hand over hand. A normal fishing reel would work as well and you would use it in the same fashion you would use it without the bow. When we talk about bowfishing accessories, we want you to know that not every fishing line is equal. Normal fishing line will mess up easily because it will not be able to support the weight. I would personally do the 100-pound test to see if it could support something that large. If you are only going shooting for smaller game, then a 50-pound weight test should suffice. If you were trying to have the most success, then I would recommend that you purchase the arrow rest. Roller rests and Whisker Biscuits are the two types of bowfishing accessories that I feel do a great job. The Whisker Biscuits hold the arrow in place firmly when you are shooting an angled shot, giving you a more precise shot. The roller rests are minimalistic and dependable. They provide little to no friction. As with most of the hunting sports, there are many options to choose from on the market. You should always be looking for advancements in technology that will make your hunting experience more enjoyable.  
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