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Eye Level; Top 3 Reasons to Hunt with a Ground Blind

[caption id="attachment_5668" align="alignnone" width="300"]102_0045 Being eye level hunting from a ground blind, can provide heart pounding encounters.[/caption] The sun’s yellow light threw long shadows across the landscape in front of me. It was early September and cottonwood leaves rustled and shimmered in the steady breeze. I had settled in for one of my favorite experiences; hunting from the ground. From across the clearing a pair of whitetail does emerged from the timber on a beeline for my position. Noses to the ground they closed the distance and I was soon sure they would be within range. As they neared I drew my bow and settled into my familiar anchor position. The first doe emerged into a shooting lane I had cleared at 20 yards. She continued on as I waited for a broadside shot. Once an ethical shot was presented the thunk of my bow signaled the release of my arrow. My pounding heart was the only sound audible in my mind. For those of you have ever hunted from the ground you understand the thrill of being eye level with your prey is hard to match. Ground hunting is my preferred method because it is an effective way to hunt, and the best way to successfully harvest game is to hunt with a ground blind. In addition to being a great adrenaline rush, hunting with a ground blind also offers major advantages to hunter. Here are the top three reasons to hunt with a ground blind.


One major advantage of hunting with a ground blind is the adaptability it offers. Ground blinds can be easily moved to match the changes in movement of your quarry. Has the deer movement changed since your summer scouting trips? If so, with a ground blind you can easily move into a more ideal position. Also, if you are headed for a new location and are unsure of what to expect, if you hunt with a ground blind you can have the perfect setup no matter what.


Many people don’t think ground blinds can beat the eyes of animals like whitetails and turkey. On the contrary, when used correctly ground blinds offer total concealment in virtually any territory. Also, animals seem to show no interest of a ground blind, and I have literally seen successful ground blinds on the a barren hillside. Whatever your territory looks like, you can seal the deal hunting with a ground blind.


[caption id="attachment_5669" align="alignright" width="250"]HUNTERS-Ground Blind Hunter's Specialties Primetime Ground Blind[/caption] The final great aspect ground blinds offer, especially for bowhunters, is comfort. I have spend many days brushed in, and many hours on my knees waiting for my chance. Even at my young age, hours spent on your knees can take a toll. If you hunt with a ground blind you can easily bring along chairs to sit on while playing the waiting game. Another thing to consider for bowhunters is that modern ground blinds, like the Hunter’s Specialties Primetime Ground Blind, are actually tall enough to accommodate our height requirements to draw our bow. So whether you need to be able to move your setup quickly, are looking for concealment in otherwise open ground, or are trying to find a way to make hunting from the ground more comfortable, hunting with a ground blind might be the choice for you.
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