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Famous Archery Players

Most people were inspired to try archery mostly because they saw it in the movies and saw just how cool it was, and some were pushed into archery after reading about famous fictional archers like Robin Hood and William Tell. But if you really want to see just how great archery really is, then you should research more about the real life sharpshooters and the amazing things that they can do with a bow and arrow. PSE Ghost 60 To give you more of an idea on what can really be done with a bow and arrow, here are some of the most famous people to ever hold a long bow, recurve bow, compound bow, or any other bow ever made: Howard Hill Howard Hill has won 196 world archery competitions consecutively, which makes Robin Hood and his one tournament victory pale in comparison. And if you are not impressed by his spotless competition record, it is only fair to take note that Mr. Hill was the first man to take down a fully-grown African elephant using a recurve bow and arrows. Fred Bear Though he may not be as large as a bear, Fred Bear did like putting holes in them using a bow and arrow. He has shot and killed every kind of game animal there is, and all using a traditional long bow. But Fred Bear was not just a crack shot with an arrow, he was also an innovator. In fact, it was his innovations that made modern bows and arrows what they are today. Byron Ferguson If you want to see spectacular shots done using a bow and arrow, Byron Ferguson is the only man that you should watch. Byron Ferguson's weapon of choice is his trusty English long bow (but he also uses a traditional recurve bow sometimes), and he can use it to fire arrows with extreme precision. If you think hitting a clay target using a shotgun is hard, then you should see Mr. Ferguson hit a breath mint tossed in the air, just by using an old-fashioned long bow. These are some of the greatest people to ever hold a bow and arrow, and what makes them better role models for aspiring archers is that they are real and the incredible shots that they make are real as well. So grab your bow, pick your role model, and aim to become as great, if not better than them and you will go far as an archer. Click her to see the best recurve bow in the market.
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