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Featured Product: Barnett Raptor FX2 Compound Crossbow

Check out the affordable Barnett Raptor FX2, a new crossbow from one of the top names in the business.

Barnett has earned a reputation as one of the top names in the crossbow business. They have churned out top sellers such as the Ghost 410 and 415, Buck Commander Extreme, Raptor Reverse. It seems each year they release a new lineup of bows that push the limits of what crossbows can do. One interesting option in a crossbow that Barnett makes is the Barnett Raptor FX2. [caption id="attachment_6462" align="alignright" width="196"]Barnett Raptor FX2 Barnett Raptor FX2[/caption] The first thing that stands out when you take a look at the Barnett Raptor FX2 is the edgy design of the bow. With a skeletonized stock, finger pass though on the forestock, and a clean camo finish, this bow surely does look the part. Looks can't make a bow shoot though, so fortunately the Raptor FX2 has enough performance to match its good looks. When it comes to power, the Barnett Raptor FX2 is a modest crossbow that slides in middle of the road. This compound crossbow uses a mild 150 pound draw weight to shoot arrows downrange at 330 feet per second. While 330 feet per second won't win it any speed contests it will perform more than adequately in the hunting field. If you are looking for the flattest shooting, hardest hitting crossbow on the market, you'll have to look elsewhere. If you are looking for a capable crossbow that is a solid hunting and shooting tool, you should consider reading on. Another aspect of this bow that makes it a good hunting tool is the overall size of the crossbow. As far as weight goes, the FX2 weighs in at about 6.5 pounds. This makes is on the light side of the middle when compared to other crossbows. There are a number of crossbows that register in the five pound range, but more crossbows are weighing in at over seven pounds. Always remember that the weight of the bow tends to play a role in the noise of the bow. Lighter bows tend to be louder and heavier bows tend to be quieter. Sound is also impacted heavily by cam design, arrow weight, and bow accessories, but bow weight is a good place to start. Its all about trade offs. In addition to the comfortable carrying weight, the FX2 is only 18 inches wide. Compared to other crossbows this is a narrow bow which makes it good for tree stand hunters and ground blind hunters. In the safety department the Barnett Raptor FX2 crosses all the T's and dots all the I's. It has a solid anti-dry fire mechanism and also an easy to access safety switch. The pass through foregrip is also designed for safe shooting. If you practice safe shooting strategies this Barnett bow shouldn't give you any problems in that regard. The final aspect of the Raptor FX2 worth noting is the price tag. This crossbow retails for $399.99 at When you consider you are getting a very capable hunting tool from a top crossbow manufacturer it seems like a good deal. It has the performance and size of more expensive crossbows at a fraction of the cost. What's not to like? NEXT: IS THIS VERTICAL CROSSBOW THE DAWN OF A NEW AGE OR A HUNTING GIMMICK?
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