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Feeling Adventurous? Try This Carp Recipe After Your Next Bowfishing Trip

If you are an avid bowfisher give this carp recipe a try in order to salvage something from your shoot.

As you likely well know, the common carp is one of the most invasive species in America. They have taken over river systems across the country and have recently even been documented breeding in the Great Lakes ecosystem. The full effect this will have on those waters is yet to be seen, but it is an understatement to say folks are nervous. Pretty much wherever carp exist they they have little to no regulation in regards to their harvest. Shoot them, fish them, spear them, or snag them by the truck full if you want. Heck in some rivers they literally jump right in the boat. While this overpopulated species is causing serious damage to many ecosystems it has opened up a fun summer activity for archers. Bowfishing has grown incredibly popular over the past few years. Not only does it give archers something to do in the slow summer months, but it helps with practicing your shot and to curb a problem as well. There is one hang up some people have about bowfishing for carp though. To some people, since you can't eat carp it's not worth going out to shoot. True, carp is not a widely eaten fish in America today and there are lots of reasons why. Wouldn't it be nice though if there was a good carp recipe so at least some of the meat could go to good use? That's just what the folks at Lachlan Catchment Management Authority were thinking when they created this short video. Watch this brief video and it will teach you how to catch, prepare, and cook carp. It's a carp recipe you might actually like. As you can see there is very little of the meat you actually save. Knowing how to cut around the ribs and remove all the little bones is an important step in the process. Other than that, this carp recipe appears to be like many other fish recipes out there. Bread the fish and cook in oil. I'm sure your favorite breading could simply be substituted for the breading in the video if you would like. [caption id="attachment_6345" align="alignright" width="184"]PSE Discovery Bowfishing Kit PSE Discovery Bowfishing Kit[/caption] If you are not an avid bowfishermen yet, hopefully this video might get you off the fence. It is relatively cheap to get started in, and nearly every river is a target rich environment. There are lots of different bowfishing products available and you can get as advanced or as simple as you'd like. Once you have your setup complete, all you need is to hit the water, shoot a few carp, and give this carp recipe a try. Maybe you'll like it, or maybe you'll continue to be a catch and release bowfishermen. You'll never know unless you try. Follow the author through his Facebook page or his Twitter feed. NEXT: OFFSEASON ARCHERY SHOOTING DRILL; 1 ARROW PRACTICE
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