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First Shot: Diamond Atomic is a Great Beginners Bow

If your youngster is showing interest in archery, the Diamond Atomic is a beginners bow you should take seriously.

DIAMONDA first time archer's bow is something they will always remember. Whether it is a simple sapling strung with baling twine, or a modern manufactured bow, it will leave an impression. Perhaps its something engrained in our DNA from countless generations who depended on tools like it for survival. Maybe its the simple beauty of the bow and arrow that captures our minds. Whatever the reason, you want to make sure your young archer's first experience is a good one. Today our young archers have the advantage of having a plethora of beginners bows that simply weren't available 10 years ago. Archery companies have realized the need for quality bows that suit the needs of young archers and the need for those bows to grow with that archer. One company that have made these bows their priority is Diamond. Their popular Edge series broke the ice in this new frontier of archery, and they have been improving their technology ever since. One new youth bow from the company is the Diamond Atomic. [caption id="attachment_6208" align="alignright" width="225"]The Diamond Atomic is a great beginners bow. The Diamond Atomic is a great beginners bow.[/caption] The Diamond Atomic is different from their other bows, as the Atomic is designed specifically for the first time youth shooter and youth will eventually outgrow it. That being said, this bow is durable enough, and adaptable enough, to keep your archer shooting for a few years at least. The first point of interest on this bow is the adjustable draw weight. The Atomic starts at a playful 6 pounds and can be increased to 29 pounds. In addition to the adjustable draw weight, Diamond made certain to included adjustable draw length as well. In this regard the Atomic can adjust from 12 inches to 24 inches. Clearly this is a bow that a child could start shooting in very early childhood, and shoot into their early adolescence. In addition to the adjustability, Diamond designed this bow to be comfortable for youth in other ways as well. The Atomic has a very youth friendly 24 inch axle to axle measurement, which is really about the perfect size for the targeted age group. Another aspect of this bow engineers needed to keep an eye was the overall mass weight. Youngsters need to easily hold the bow with one arm straight out and keep it steady. No small task for small bodies. To address this problem the Diamond Atomic weighs in at a measly 1.9 pounds. Easy to pull and easy to hold, what else could you want from a beginners bow? The Diamond Atomic surely deserves a solid look from anyone looking to get into a solid youth bow. Not only does it include everything you could ask of a beginners bow, but it also retails for a reasonable $199.95. In this day and age you could either buy a bow that will last for years, hit the movies up a few times, or take in a football game for that price. It's crazy but true. Whatever bow you decide to purchase for your aspiring archer, ensure it will be a bow that will make their first experience a positive one. NEXT: THE MOST ADAPTABLE BOW EVER; DIAMOND PRISM
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