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From Flint to Steel: The Evolution of the Broadhead

A broadhead is a specific classification of an arrowhead. Arrowheads have advanced throughout time and are called by many different names. The traditional arrowhead was a sharpened tip added to the front of an arrow to make it a more deadly weapon. They were typically made from some form of stone like flint or obsidian because that was the most durable material at the time.  There have been some forms of wooden arrows and metal broadheads that were found form this time as well. [caption id="attachment_3847" align="alignright" width="300"]Crossbow Broadheads come in many different styles and configurations. Crossbow Broadheads come in many different styles and configurations.[/caption] As time passed, so did the evolution of the arrowhead, towards the broadhead. There arose a need for broadheads to be used in battle because their steel or iron composition provided durability and deadliness. They would last a lot longer than their more “natural” counterparts, and could be re-sharpened to extend their longevity.  In certain parts of the world, researchers have found broadheads that were made of sharpened glass. The glass versions provided the shooter with a deadly weapon, but once it broke, it would be rendered useless. The purpose of using a broadhead, as opposed to a judo points or bodkin points, is to puncture a large enough hole on the animal so that it would cause excessive bleeding. The larger the hole and the more damage that you inflict on the animal, the quicker it will tend to die. As a shooter, you must make sure that your shot is on the money. If you shoot an animal with a broadhead in the wrong spot, it will be a messy encounter for you and an excruciating experience for the animal. Broadheads are still used in hunting scenarios today. Fixed blade and mechanical blade broadheads are the two most popular broadheads that are on the market today. Fixed blades are rigid and unmovable, while mechanical broadheads have a spring-loaded mechanism that deploys when you your arrow reaches its intended target. These mechanical broadheads typically create wider wound channels. The mechanical broadheads fly better because of the way that they are designed, but keep in mind that you are going to sacrifice some amount of kinetic energy when it deploys on your target. Broadheads have evolved from their predecessors, but their ultimate goal is still the same; a quick kill.  
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