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Gear Review: TenPoint Lady Shadow Crossbow

Just because it's a "ladies" bow, don't think the TenPoint Lady Shadow crossbow can't bring the pain.

Over the past few decades there has been more changing about archery than just the cam designs. One major shift has been the growing interest of women in archery. Hunting is no longer a sport dominated by one gender and women hunters and archers have a substantial influence in both ventures. Whole product lines have been developed to meet the demands of this new market. I once heard high profile huntress Eva Shockey-Brent talk about how as a young girl she had to wear boy's camouflage clothing because it was the only thing available. She went on to note the clothes simply didn't fit right because boys and girls are just different. These days women have an array of products designed specifically for their tastes and unique needs. As a father of two young girls it's exciting to see how much the world of archery has opened up for them recently. [caption id="attachment_6553" align="alignleft" width="197"]TenPoint Lady Shadow TenPoint Lady Shadow[/caption] One crossbow designed specifically with female shooters in mind is the TenPoint Lady Shadow compound crossbow. If you are a little savvy about the crossbow industry, you'll know right off the bat this crossbow is the real deal. TenPoint has earned a reputation as one of the top manufacturers in the business and their products are made right here in the good old USA. From tip-to-tip this compound crossbow is assembled using only the finest parts and pieces. It's not in TenPoint's nature to skimp at any point along the way. In terms of performance the TenPoint Lady Shadow has all the horsepower you could want. It has a mild 180 pound draw weight and zips arrows downrange at a distance eating 350 feet per second. If you think the 180 pound draw weight sounds a bit hefty, remember that TenPoint includes the AcuDraw 50 standards on their crossbows. This built-in rope cocking device makes cocking the bow easy enough for about anybody. Another aspect of the TenPoint Lady Shadow people talk about is the size of the crossbow. On the scale it registers at just a hair over six pounds. Although in my book this doesn't land it in the category of ultra-light crossbows, it does categorize it on the light end of comfortable. The Lady Shadow also is a pretty darn compact crossbow. Uncocked the bow is only 17.5 inches from axle-to-axle and just 13.5 inches when cocked. It's sleek design would make it a great fit for tree stand and ground blind hunting. In terms of safety systems the Lady Shadow keeps not only the shooter safe, but the crossbow itself safe as well. It accomplishes this by using an anti-dry fire system that comes standard on most crossbows these days. To keep the shooter safe is has the trademark TenPoint finger guard beneath the rail. This unique flare will most definitely keep your fingers safe. In fact you would have to go out of your way to get your fingers in the path of the string. All totaled the TenPoint Lady Shadow would be a great crossbow for about anyone. It just happens to be designed specifically with women in mind. If you're looking for a compound crossbow to take hunting, or just to take to the range, this high-quality crossbow is definitely worth a look. NEXT: NEW CROSSBOWS OF 2016; WICKED RIDGE INVADER G3
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