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Handicapped Hunters Benefits

Through the development of technology, people with disability can now enjoy the benefits of crossbow hunting. Rules and regulations regarding hunting vary from state to state, and there are specific guidelines regarding disabled persons. A permit is required so the hunter will be allowed to use adaptive equipment. It’s best to consult the local Department of Natural Resources for any further details on crossbow hunting.

Crossbow hunting is meaningful outdoor exercise for anyone, especially for the handicapped. This activity is not only a physical sport but this also requires a good mental ability. With regular practice, archery can improves a person’s motor skills, mental health and upper body. It can also give anyone a heightened sense of concentration and better hand-eye coordination. Crossbow hunting is also a fun and fairly inexpensive sport, especially for the casual hobbyist. For those hunters interested in taking their crossbow techniques to a more competitive level, more complicated equipment is available but these can be pricier.

Crossbows are often the ideal suggestion for the physically impaired. Some disabled hunters are able to use compound bows with attached adaptive equipment. Any physical limitation in the shoulder, elbow, wrist or arm movement may require adaptive equipment. Without the help of these, it would be too difficult for disabled persons to do crossbow hunting. Attaching this to the crossbow allows enough room for movement that would’ve otherwise been too impossible especially for disabled persons. An example is the drawlock or draw keep, which holds the bow until the trigger is pressed. The disadvantage for using drawlocks it gives an added weight to the bow.

Complete resources on crossbow hunting for the handicapped are available through the PCBA or Physically Challenged Bow Hunters of America, a non-profit organization providing assistance to disabled persons interested in crossbow hunting. Their resources include a list of hunting techniques, providers of adaptive equipment, and other useful general information for the handicapped hunter. They work closely with rehabilitation centers and hospitals as a way to promote bow hunting as a good sport and they have able-bodied volunteers to help with their cause.

PCBA believes that archery and bow hunting is an effective recreational therapy for persons with disabilities. The PCBA also holds regular hunting and archery events, which fosters camaraderie and good sportsmanship. Aside from developing one’s physical and mental skills, crossbow hunting and archery can help develop the confidence and gives an empowering sense of accomplishment.

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