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High Performance Crossbow: The Stryker Katana

If you are searching for a quiet and highly efficient crossbow, the Stryker Katana might be a good fit.

Every crossbowman has their own perfect crossbow. For some the perfect bow is a fast shooter with so much power it can almost punch through a brick wall. For others it is a low tech crossbow with no gadgets to fail. If you're idea of a perfect crossbow is a bow that is quiet, easy to shoot, and highly efficient, take the time to review the Stryker Katana. [caption id="attachment_6359" align="alignleft" width="250"]Styrker Katana Styrker Katana[/caption] The Stryker Katana is a compound crossbow with a very comfortable pull weight of 155 lbs. Most compound crossbows today pull in the 175 pound range, so the pull on the Katana is noticeably lighter. It also comes standard with the C2 crank cocking aide so getting this bow cocked should be a piece of cake. Since the Katana does have a bit lighter draw weight than most bows, it does not get the super fast speeds of +400 feet per second. Still, the Stryker Katana hits a highly respectable speed of 385 feet per second. This kind of speed combined with an average arrow weight of around 400 grains will still produce around 120 foot pounds of kinetic energy at 70 yards. To put that into perspective, I recently watched a hog hunting video where a gent was explaining his hog hunting archery setup. He shot a vertical compound bow and explained how this special heavy duty hog bow was getting in the neighborhood of 100 foot pounds of kinetic energy. If the Katana is getting +20 more kinetic energy even at 70 yards, it should prove without a doubt its capability as a hunting bow. Another major advantage of this crossbow is its quietness. Watch this brief video two gentlemen put together and listen to dampness of the sound on the shot. As you can hear for yourself the Stryker Katana is a quiet crossbow, and the bow in that video it did not have any limb dampeners installed. The final point of discussion on any crossbow should lie in the safety department. This bow has all the necessary built in components of a sound and safe shooter. It has an easy to operate safety switch, anti-dry fire technology, and the stock has a finger guard system to keep your fingers out of the way. Finally, this bow has a decocking mechanism built in which is a rare feature in today's bows. If you are looking for a bow that is easy to shoot, comfortable to pull, quiet, and safe, the Stryker Katana is worth a look.

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