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Hitting the Mark: Aiming Techniques for a Traditional Bow PT 1

Throughout history archers have used many different aiming techniques for traditional a bow and have been successful. Here is part 1 of a three part article series on aiming techniques.

[caption id="attachment_5809" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Screen shot 2015-12-16 at 5.59.11 AM Instinctive shooting is one aiming technique for a traditional bow.[/caption] Traditional archery presents a lifelong challenge and pleasure to shooters. Something soothing and pure flies on the wind with an arrow launched from a traditional bow. It's almost mesmerizing. Shooting a traditional bow is not at all like shooting a modern compound. All compound shooters shoot more or less the same, as they are bound by the equipment they shoot. Traditional archery offers more freedom in the entire shooting sequence. However, this freedom brings an added need for practice to be effective. Aiming techniques for traditional a bow is one area that offers a lot of freedom and many different options are available. Three popular options include instinctive shooting, gap shooting, and string walking. In this first article lets take a look at the basics of instinctive shooting.

Instinctive Shooting

Many shooters claim to use this aiming technique for a traditional bow. Instinctive shooters use no point of reference, and stare intently at the spot they want to hit and let fly. Some of the most prestigious archers in history including Fred Bear, Fred Eichler, and Byron Ferguson are instinctive shooters. This aiming technique takes years of practice, or a God given ability. One benefit instinctive shooters have is their ability to adapt on the go and shoot arial or moving targets. Another modern instinctive archer whose skills went viral is Lars Andersen. The types of shots Lars can execute would be impossible if he were using any other type of aiming technique. The downside of using this aiming technique for a traditional bow, is that if you are not shooting well on a given day, you have no gauge to correct your mistakes. Many people claim to be instinctive shooters who are not actually shooting instinctively. Their brains have memorized the "shot picture" after years of practice, so they aim, just not consciously. It is said the only way to tell if you are truly an instinctive shooter is to shoot at a candle, or laser dot, in complete darkness. If you can hit the target, you are an instinctive shooter. Check out this video of the legend Byron Ferguson shooting arial targets. NEXT: AIMING TECHNIQUES FOR A TRADITIONAL BOW; GAP SHOOTING
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