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Horton Crossbow Innovations: The New Beginning

An old name is reborn with the creation of Horton Crossbow Innovations.

[caption id="attachment_6622" align="aligncenter" width="277"]Horton Crossbow Innovations Horton Crossbow Innovations[/caption] Over time certain companies become synonymous with a product. Nike would be an example in the athletic shoe business. Winchester is the same way with rifles. People who don't know the ins and outs of a business still recognize these names. In the crossbow world you could argue the Horton name is that brand. If you talk to someone even relatively familiar with the sport, its likely they recognize the name and understand their reputation for quality equipment. Although the Horton name still exists, it now operates as Horton Crossbow Innovations. The story of how it got to that point reads something like a Hollywood movie. Horton crossbows got their start nearly 50 years ago by Bernard Horton. Horton was a avid hunter who enjoyed archery. As a stalk hunter though, he saw the disadvantage of drawing a vertical bow at super close ranges. To overcome this difficulty he began developing crossbows to help him become a more efficient hunter. Over time he would come to develop one of the most respected lines of crossbows in the world. Horton saw the emerging crossbow market out there and worked hard to fill the niche as it opened. During its rise a fellow by the name of Rick Bednar became an influential leader in the company. He led the charge in the expansion of Horton and was influential in its early success. Then in the mid 1990's Bednar had a falling out with other top company executives. Bednar wanted to reinvest capital into the company, while others wanted to distribute the profits for themselves. The rift grew so great Bednar stepped away from the company and started out on his own. In time he would form one of Horton's top competitors, TenPoint Crossbows. During the late 90's and early 2000's Horton maintained its position as one of the leading crossbow manufacturers on the market. By 2010 though it was clear the respected Horton name was on a downhill slide. On the other hand, under the guidance of Bednar, TenPoint crossbows was doing exceptionally well. At some point a plan began to form in Bednar's mind and in a twist of fate TenPoint Crossbows actually purchased Horton in 2013. It was at that point Horton Crossbows became Horton Crossbow Innovations. The name may have changed, but the history of quality hunting gear lives on. In fact you could say very little has changed since the TenPoint merger. One of the individuals who spearheaded the rise in Horton regained control of the name to grow and save the company. Not only was it bought by a former executive, but that executive went on to develop some of the best crossbows out there. You could say the move to Horton Crossbow Innovations was a good move for the brand. [caption id="attachment_6623" align="alignright" width="195"]Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX[/caption] Today under the new name Horton is still offering a solid lineup of products. One eye catching crossbow is the Horton Storm RDX. This reverse limb crossbow is capable of speeding arrows downrange at a blistering 370 feet per second producing 122 pounds of kinetic energy. Like most reverse limb crossbows this bow is extremely compact measuring only 10 inches axle-to-axle when cocked. This is just one product that shows the Horton Crossbow Innovations commitment to excellence. Even though they operate as a new entity, don't underestimate Horton Crossbow Innovations. Not only is the owner one of original spokesman of the brand, but they are still producing high quality crossbow gear the Horton name has always stood for. NEXT: COMPANY SPOTLIGHT; TENPOINT CROSSBOWS
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