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Horton Storm RDX: Fast, Smooth, and Whisper Quiet

The Horton Storm RDX is a flagship bow that demands a close look.

[caption id="attachment_6878" align="aligncenter" width="150"]Horton logo Horton Crossbow Innovations has set out to regain it's place at the top.[/caption] Since it's merger with TenPoint crossbows in 2013, Horton Crossbow Innovations has taken big steps to redeem the respected Horton name. Since 2013 Horton has taken steps to once again produce high quality crossbows for serious hunters and shooters. First off, they've done it by producing their bows right here in the good old U.S.A. Also, rather than release an entire mob of different bows, the company is easing back in the game by releasing a few high caliber bows. One bow they have recently gotten onto store shelves is the Horton Storm RDX and it certainly is a good one. [caption id="attachment_6877" align="alignright" width="249"]Horton Storm RDX The Horton Storm RDX[/caption] The Horton Storm RDX is a reverse limb crossbow developed to meet the demands of top tier bowmen. This bow uses a 165 pound draw weight to whip arrows downrange at a blistering 375 feet per second. When you combine that speed with a 400 grain arrow you get a bruising 122 pounds of kinetic energy. That setup has enough punch to hunt anything on the planet. To say this crossbow is an adequate hunting crossbow would be an understatement. While speed may be fun to talk about, it's not necessarily what gets the job done in the field. Arrows going a million miles an hour won't matter if you can hit your spot. That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone out there, and it wouldn't be to the folks at Horton either. They crafted this bow so it would not only pack a punch, but could stack arrows as well. Folks who have pulled the trigger on this crossbow have really been impressed by how accurate it shoots. Not only is this bow accurate, but engineers made a few modifications to ensure the Horton Storm RDX is quiet as well. Give this video a watch to see the bow in action. Although you may not be able to see the impact, the shooter does seem genuinely impressed with the accuracy. Not only that, but you do get a chance to hear how muffled the report is on the shot. The video also highlighted a few of the accessories that make this such a great crossbow. You probably noticed the Dedd Sled cocking device put into action. As you could tell, this made cocking the crossbow a piece of cake. The sales rep also pointed out the scope has four crosshairs that will keep you dialed into 40 yards and beyond. Early on in the video he also points out how adjustable the crossbow is on the back end. You can adjust the butt piece and the check piece until you find what best fits your body. All these features contribute to the overall quality of this bow. The Horton Storm RDX certainly appears to be one of the top new crossbows on the market. It has all the performance requirements in terms of speed and accuracy, as well as accessories that make this bow a can't miss. All things considered, it certainly looks like Horton Crossbow Innovations is well on their way to getting back on top. NEXT; HORTON CROSSBOW INNOVATIONS; THE NEW BEGINNING
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