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These 2 Youth Crossbows from Excalibur Might be What Your Young Hunter Needs

Finding quality youth crossbows can be a challenge. If you are in the market, it may be worth browsing the lineup from Excalibur.

[caption id="attachment_6872" align="aligncenter" width="241"]Excalibur logo Excalibur is doing their best to put quality youth crossbows on the market.[/caption] Introducing kids to our great sport of archery might be our biggest responsibility. As my wife's grandfather put it to me recently, "It's not that important if you are having fun hunting and trapping. What's really important is that you are taking your girls with you when you go." I couldn't agree more with Grandpa Dick. As adults, it might be fun to spend the weekend shooting. At the end of the day thought, it is simply more important we pass our traditions to the next generation. We do this by not only passing on our enthusiasm and knowledge, but by setting them up with gear that will help them be successful. We all know that shooting crummy equipment makes the experience less than enjoyable. Kids aren't as easy to fool as you may think and crummy equipment isn't fun for them either. Buying archery gear for a youngster sort of puts you in a catch twenty-two though. If you don't buy them something decent, odds are they will not enjoy it. On the other hand, how do you know they will even enjoy the sport. For all you know, you may be wasting your hard earned cash. I'll admit it can be a challenge. Each person will address the situation in their own way. If you believe your kid, or grandkid, wants to start shooting crossbows, you might want to start browsing youth crossbows. Fortunately a few companies are creating some quality youth crossbows that might take care of you. One such company is Excalibur. Excalibur is one of the most respected names in the crossbow world. They are currently offering two models of youth crossbows designed for different shooters.


[caption id="attachment_6871" align="alignright" width="150"]Youth Crossbow Excalibur Apex Target Youth Crossbow[/caption] The more robust model in Excalibur's youth lineup is their Apex target crossbow. This crossbow is a fairly simple recurve crossbow, but is backed by the Excalibur reputation for quality production. With a 90 pound draw weight, this crossbow is capable of shooting arrows at speeds of 220 feet per second. It is touted as a superbly accurate bow that can boost the confidence of your young shooter. This youth bow doesn't come with any scope, but rather has front and rear sights built in. You can also choose to mount a scope if you would like to. In the safety department, while there is no automatic safety on the bow, the safety is easy to access and crisp.


The second model is nearly identical to the first except in two regards. One, this bow uses a modest 40 pounds of draw weight and achieves speeds of 160 feet per second. The only other major difference is the price tag on the box. The standard Excalibur Apex is listed at $449, while the Apex Light goes for $419. The strength of your shooter, and your budget, will likely be the two biggest factors you'll need to consider. Choosing youth archery gear is an important decision. Introducing kids to our outdoor pastimes has a host of benefits and shouldn't be overlooked. These two youth crossbows might be a good ticket for your youngster into the world of archery. By getting your youth outfitted with the right gear, you will take a big step toward reaching your biggest responsibility as an outdoorsman. NEXT: WHY INTRODUCING KIDS TO ARCHERY IS SO IMPORTANT
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