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How to Change a Crossbow String with a Stringer?

Beginners usually have a hard time changing a crossbow string. It takes a lot of practice and patience. You landed on this page because you are looking for tips on how to change the string of a bow, right? You will need a tool to make the task easier for you: a bow stringer.

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When you have the basics like the bow and arrow, you need to consider the accessories to make your first hunting expedition a success. There are scopes to check out and you will need a stringer in case you need to replace or change the string. This is an essential tool because restringing the bow can be a little tedious without the right tool. You wouldn’t want to damage your bow if you don’t use this tool, would you?

So how do you change a crossbow string with a stringer? First step is to slide the biggest loop over the top limb of the bow. Next step would be to attach the other end of the loop to the tip of the bow’s other limb. There is a saddle and a cup on each end. You will need to slide the stringer’s saddle over the top limb of the bow while winding the cup over the other end of the limb. You have initially attached the replacement string to your bow.

Now this step is important, you will take the handle of your bow, but use your foot in blocking the stringer. Then you pull the handle in a vertical position, this will cause the bow to bend to that direction. As you perform this step, you need to ensure that the saddle is ably supported.

As soon as you have the limbs bent enough for the stringer to stay in its place, you can slowly slide the string up to the notch at the tip of the upper limb. Once this has been completed, you can now take out the stringer. Check if you were able to place the string where it should be positioned, otherwise you will have to repeat the process.

Keep in mind that you will need some assistance when you do this because it will be difficult when you do it with just two hands. You also need to choose a reliable stringing aid. When you shop for a bow and arrow, you can also check out accessories that will go well with the type and style you are purchasing. The accessories and other tools that you will buy should be compatible with your bow; otherwise you won’t be able to efficiently use them.

You don’t need to buy fancy tools; all you have to consider is if these will be the right fit to your bow. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting or you are just trying this out as a hobby, what is important is that you give it your best shot and you can achieve that by having the right tools and accessories. Ensure that you do not have a hard time with your crossbow by choosing the right tools.

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