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How to Choose a Parker Youth Bow

Choosing a Parker youth bow should be easy, considering that the manufacturer only offers four of them, two of which are just different colors of different models. There is, however, a need for you to know which of these four is to be bought, and considering just how different one is from the other should help you decide which one should a child use. Youth bows are actually bows which are in smaller frames, and they are also known as small-frame bows. Parker, the leading brand for compound and crossbows, has provided thousands of children their first ever bows as well as their first experiences with handling and shooting with such. And if you know what things to consider, choosing which youth bow to buy among the two should be easy. Barnett Vortex Lite Compound Bow RH Parker offers two youth bows which are the Buckshot Extreme and the Sidekick Extreme. They are different from one another, and choosing one for your child shouldn’t be very hard if you know what you need to consider, as well as what you and your child prefers.
  • Mass Weight. Less weight is equal to more comfort, but there are also some children who might want some additional weights to feel more comfortable with their bows. The Buckshot weighs a mere 2.75 pounds and the Sidekick weighs just 3.25 pounds. When held, most children wouldn’t even know the difference.
  • Price. Considering the price seems to be a good idea, but considering just this wouldn’t do. The Sidekick Extreme bow alone costs $299.95 while the other costs $249.95. And while the Buckshot wins this time, there are still so many things to compare and decide on.
  • Grip. Sidekick has the two-piece grip, walnut-finished, making it easy for children to make their hands fit in with the bow, while the Buckshot features the Synprene grip which makes it easy for children to load and fire repeatedly with more comfort.
There are many other things to consider, and the above things are not the only factors in the equation. Take note of the limb design, the draw lengths and weights, bow length, brace heights and the buss cable, but don’t forget that it comes in two colors and two very different designs. And when choosing between the Sidekick and the Buckshot, remember this: Whatever model you decide to choose, a Parker youth bow would always be a delight to have and use. Click here to see the popular youth bows in the market.
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