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Hunger games movie with archery bow- A unique inspiration

The craze for archery, the ancient sports game was hardly visible until the arrival of Hunter Games movie that geared up the passion for picking up the arrow and bow around the world. The actress who plays the central role in the movie has greatly helped the sport climb the heights above the pop culture. It is the first ever movie to be made in the decade which is unique in its own way. It has not only inspired the youth but also seems to have perfectly hit the bull’s eye. Archery has a distinct and different space in Olympics but due to some reasons it has never gained the popularity like other sports. Eventually, with the release of this movie, archery sport has gained importance and people have started showing keen interest in it. The use of archery bow in the movie is done quite beautifully and hundreds of people have admired it officially on the website of USA Archery Association. With this movie, archery has become a huge sensation amongst everyone and people now have a common topic to talk about. The successive movies seem to be inspired by it as everyone includes some or the other part related to archery. From animated movies like Brave to the superhero action series The Avengers, every single movie is featuring fantastic use of archery. PSE Ghost 60 Archery is hitting the small screen world with the arrival of TV show, Arrow. The exposure of the game has inspired people and created a small hope of excelling in the upcoming Olympics. The sport basically involves the recurve bow and an arrow which are used to shoot the required target. This sport had been a keen favourite of millions in ancient era but regained prominence after this movie was released. The movie “Hunger Games” revolves around the central character Katniss Everdeen, portrayed by young actress, Jennifer Lawrence, who has a passion for archery bow and arrows. It has inspired many people to take up archery as their hobby and even as profession to show their skills and talent in the next Olympics. In a movie scene, the actress shoots an apple from a distance of 70m from the roasted pig’s mouth. This is really shocking as it is the prescribed distance for the Olympic shooters who are required to shoot the arrow from their archery bow standing yards away from their target. Now, every single nation can think of preparing its own archery team for the next great Olympics 2012. In fact, the use of archery bow by a young girl in the movie has become a source of inspiration for millions of children who wish to go to any extent to learn this sport. Click here to check out more archery bows.
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