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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hunting Beginners: Introduction to Distinct Reticle Styles

  In hunting, there are several styles of reticles designed to go well with your style of hunting. If you are an serious outdoorsman and wish to hunt proficiently, preparing properly is the very first thing you should consider. First, you should choose a suitable firearm that piques your interest, and then choose a suitable reticle for you and your firearm. To introduce distinct scope reticle styles available in the market first will be appropriate, this guide will consist of information pertaining to diverse reticle styles for the crossbow for your perusal.

Hawke XB30

  The Hawke XB30 is especially designed for illuminated reticle distances - ranging from 20 to 60 yards - this is useful in getting a clear view. It features two colors of illumination; either green or red, will depend on which one you prefer. The intensity of illumination is adjustable as well in 5 preset settings; it is designed to suit the conditions of lighting.  

Hawke SR

  This kind of scope style is a compact and light scope, synonymous with its brother scope, the Hawke MAP. Hawke SR is designed with an illuminated reticle for a clear view and for acute accuracy.  

Hawke MAP

  The Hawke MAP is a light and compact scope. This is perfect for amateurs or beginners to start off with because its price is very affordable; its features and design is suitable for any beginner hunter.  

Hawke Speed Dot

  The Hawke Speed Dot is one of the most adaptable scopes in any hunting scenarios. It features a variety of settings to suit any hunting condition. It features 5 different intensity levels of green or red, which means that you can adjust to almost any situation to your liking.

The Ballistic Calculator Feature

  These scopes are designed with another handy feature, the ballistic calculator; this is thought of to be the best feature of these scopes. This is designed to calculate shots at a longer range than usual, where it will calculate the distance and arrow drop for pinpoint accuracy. In order to get the ballistic calculator, you will have to download it from their website once you purchase a scope reticle. If you desire pinpoint accuracy in hunting, then this featured software will meet your expectations.   These are generally the best scope reticle styles available in the market. With all those handy features, you will definitely enjoy hunting whether you are a rookie or a pro. Check Crossbows For Sale Here
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