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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hunting for Success in October

DSCN0344 Hunting for Success in October October deer hunting. What isn’t there to love about this magical time of year? Not only do the turning leaves transform our landscapes with a splash of color, but for hunters October provides what can feel like a perfect storm. October also brings with it many changes hunters need to be aware of when heading out in pursuit of whitetails and even mule deer. One of the biggest challenges hunting presents in general is predicting the habits and movements of the animals we chase. Here are a few keys to watch for when escaping on your October deer hunt. Colder Weather I for one love the cooler temperatures October brings with it. Cold weather will alter the movement of deer, and your plans must be adjusted for the new circumstances. Colder weather causes deer to burn more calories to stay warm. In response, deer must feed for longer periods to meet their caloric needs. The result is great if you are an October deer hunter with extended movement during primetime sunrise and sunset feeding times. How to adjust: Plan on extending your hunting forays to allow yourself the best opportunity at catching deer in movement. Not only will you see more deer, but short sits will also put you on the ground while deer are moving. Not a good place to be. Corn Deer love corn. They love eating it and they love living in it. Cornfields offer deer, especially whitetails, veritable room service. Deer can literally spend their days within the same few square feet, aside from trips to the watering hole. This can make hunting them frustrating. However, the colder temperatures of October also help the hunter in regard to corn. As the temperature drops corn dries out and is prime for picking. Once farmers fire up their combines the deer’s luck is about the change. With habitat gone, deer must move to find cover. How to adjust: Monitor the farms in your area and when you see combines clearing swaths of golden corn make it a point to amp up your efforts. You’ll see more deer moving as they crowd into the wooded “island” sanctuaries. Wildcard Dropping temps and shorter days could trigger the wildcard that changes the hunting world completely; the rut. Depending on where you live the end of October can usher in this magical time of year. If you’ve hunted the rut before you know you can’t afford to miss a minute in the field. If you’ve never hunted the rut you don’t know what you’re missing. How to adjust: Call in sick. Take off work. Change your identity. Whatever it takes, just grab your gear and head out. There’s nothing like October deer hunting.   Clink on this link for great deals on all archery equipment for your October hunting needs.
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