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Is this Vertical Crossbow the Dawn of a New Age or a Hunting Gimmick?

If you are looking to buy a unique crossbow, or simply like to browse new crossbow technology, take a few minutes to examine this new vertical crossbow.

It is amazing what people can design and create. If you ever actually take the time to look around at the incredible array of products we have the opportunity to purchase it is sort of mind blowing. Out there somewhere right now someone is thinking about creating a brand new product, or putting a new spin on something that's already on the market. Of course these new products are not met without scrutiny and they must pass the consumer test. Every new product or innovation may seem like a great idea, but unless people jump on board the ship won't float. As hunters and archers we are seeing a tremendous amount of innovation in our specific industry. Each year engineers are constantly tweaking designs and products and trying trying to gain the competitive edge. This goes for new bows, broadheads, packs, optics, camo, or anything else. If companies can be the first to put a new twist an old product they not only stand to profit, but can actually change the entire industry. So enters the mini vertical crossbow. [caption id="attachment_6423" align="alignright" width="250"]Mini In-Line Vertical Crossbow Mini In-Line Vertical Crossbow[/caption] The folks at Hickory Creek decided to completely change how they look at a crossbow when they created the mini in-line vertical crossbow. At first glance this design may seem to be a bit too wild, but the idea is really not that absurd. They have simply mounted a crossbow vertically to a rail and stock system. It is kind of a cross between a crossbow and a compound bow in my mind. The advantages of a vertical crossbow would be most apparent in the field. If you often find yourself in a situation where the width of a standard crossbow is a bother, the vertical setup might be the answer. However, as a shooter of compound bows and traditional bows I sometimes find myself having to shoot seriously canted shots to accommodate the height of my bow. I suppose at times a tall bow is handy, and at other times a wide bow would be best. When it comes to power, the mini vertical crossbow appears to have enough to take to the field. It shoots a respectable 325 feet per second using a mild 150 pound draw weight. As I mentioned, it is very comparable to a modern compound bow with the added benefit of a locked draw. If the mini vertical crossbow is intriguing to you, check out this video of some fellas shooting one for the first time. It is hard to say, but it doesn't appear these guys have anything to gain in terms of the promotion of the product. As far as I can tell it is just a Youtuber testing a new crossbow and giving his two cents on the product. Is the vertical crossbow here to stay or just a passing fad? It seems to have everything a hunter would need in terms of power and design, and impressed a few shooters right off the bat. However it will have to pass the test of shooters like you and I to prove whether it is here to stay. Tell us what you think of the mini vertical crossbow in the comments below. NEXT: NEW CROSSBOWS OF 2016; CARBON EXPRESS INTERCEPT AXON
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