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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Joining Bowfishing Competitions

Bowfishing is a great and exciting way to catch fish. If you are looking for more excitement, you can opt to join competitions. You will not have a hard time looking for bow fishing competitions. Types of Competitions There are two main types of bow fishing competitions. The first type determines the winner based on the number of fishes. The other will depend on the size or weight. The one who catches the biggest will win. Nonetheless, there are many competitions held every year that may have their own rules. PSE Wave Bowfishing Bow Package Competition Rules Make sure that you know and understand the rules of the competition before joining. Some competitions also indicate the equipment and accessories that you can use. For example, the Bow Fishing Association of Michigan allows only hand, rubber and spring propelled spears. Normally, crossbows are not allowed in competitions such as Great Lakes Bowfishing Championship (GLBC) because they are considered as firearms. Some competitions also require a specific number of members per team. Some need pairs while others need more team members. Other aspects to check are the weigh-in time, wading and use of ladder. There are times for weigh-in and some competitions are strict when it comes to time. There is nothing worse than getting the best catch but failing to be in the designated area for weigh in. some competitions also prohibit the use of ladder and wading. It is also very important that you know which fishes will be counted for the competition. For example, the GLBC counts only carp, gold carp, gar, dogfish, and goldfish. Dead fishes are also not counted for the final weigh-in in this competition. In addition, the committee is strict and disqualifies contestants that will have a game fish in possession. License Almost all competitions will require that you possess a valid fishing license. The license you need is the same license that you need for rod and hook fishing. There is no need for additional licenses. Where to Find Competitions The Bowfishing Association of America (BAA) is a good source of competitions. However, you may also refer to your state’s bow fishing organization. It should be able to help you know when and where the competitions will be held. Safety Ensure your safety when joining a competition. Double check all your equipment and review the competition’s rules and regulations if your equipment matches the requirements. It’s best to prepare your kit the day before the tournament. It is better if all your gears are clean. Make sure that the bolts are tight and that the lines are untangled. You should also use a bowfishing competition-approved safety slide and do not try to improvise such as tying the line to the arrow’s tail. Click here to find more details of bowfishing bows.
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