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New Compound Bows of 2016; Diamond Deploy SB

The Diamond Deploy SB is the company's top end bow of 2016.

With yet another year marching steadily forward archery companies are releasing their new compound bows of 2016. Most companies create a range of products, at a range of quality, to meet the needs of various consumers. Archery companies these days tend to annually release affordable bows, comfortable bows, fast bows, and so on, depending on their lineup. Each company has a top-end bow or the cream of their crop. One reputable company, Diamond, has released their flagship compound bow of 2016. [caption id="attachment_6232" align="alignright" width="250"]Diamond Deploy SB Diamond Deploy SB[/caption] The Diamond Deploy SB is an excellent example of what Diamond bows are all about. When browsing Diamond's lineup you can't help but notice a few trends. Bows manufactured by Diamond always have a high level of adaptability and they are always pushing the limits of size. The Deploy SB is no different. The Diamond Deploy SB comes in draw weights of 50#, 60#, and 70#, but those weights are not static. By adjusting the tension on the limb bolts you decrease the poundage up to 10 pounds from those maximum draw weights. At the maximum draw weight the Deploy will jettison arrows downrange at 330 fps, making this bow their fastest of 2016. Experienced shooters will notice right off the bow is a twin cam design. The cams on this bow are made by Bowtech and are the best cams the company makes. Not only do the cams allow for easy draw length adjustment, but shooters can easily adjust their back stop giving this bow a solid back wall. In addition to the speed and adjustability of this bow, some say it is the smoothest drawing bow on the market. It's not everyday a package like that comes along. As previously mentioned, Diamond likes to not only push the limits in adaptability, but in size as well. The Diamond Deploy SB is one of the smallest and lightest bows you'll be able to get your hands on this year. Weighing in at only 3.2 pounds, it would definitely fall into the "light" category on anyone's scale. It also falls under the category of treestand bows, or bows that are exceptionally short from axle to axle. Axle to axle this bow measures at a scant 31.5 inches. Small, fast, smooth, what else do you want from your bow? Anyone looking for a top of the line compound bow should definitely consider the Diamond Deploy SB. Not only does it have everything shooters are looking for, it doesn't carry the hefty price tag other bows of similar quality do. For the money it will be one of the best compound bows of 2016. NEXT: NEW COMPOUND BOWS OF 2016: QUEST AMP
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