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New Compound Bows of 2016: Quest AMP

If you are looking for a bow with some serious speed the Quest AMP should pop up on your radar.

Fast bows have pros and cons. Like anything there is probably no such thing as a perfect bow. As you increase speed you typically get a bow that is harder to draw and noisier. That being said fast bows offer a variety of benefits as well, especially for hunters. For starters, fast bows can close the distance between you and an animal, well, fast. If you've ever been ducked by a skittish whitetail you know what I'm talking about. Many times if your arrow would arrive a split second sooner there would be no worries about string jumpers. Fast bows help solve that problem. Secondly lots of archers try and shoot a fast bow because aiming at short distances becomes easier. Folks I know can put one pin at 25 yards and that single pin will cover from 15 yards to 35 yards. Fast bows are such flat shooters you can get away with it. One bow hitting the market that aims to satisfy the needs of a person looking for speed is Quest, with the new Quest AMP. [caption id="attachment_6213" align="alignright" width="250"]Quest AMP Quest AMP[/caption] The Quest AMP is manufactured by the same folks who design and produce G5 products and Prime bows. The AMP is capable of hitting speeds up to 340 feet per second. To be true, 340 feet per second does not rank the AMP as the fastest bow on the market, but it would have only a few short years ago. The AMP accomplishes these impressive speeds out of a bow that has a max draw weight of 70 pounds, but can be adjusted down to 40 pounds. Lots of folks out there like to tinker with their bow when they first get it. In an effort to make their bow as user friendly as possible, the twin cam system is capable of making adjustments without the use of a bow press. Feel free to adjust your draw length easily in only a few minutes with the AMP. Not only is this bow fast and easy to adjust, but it was built to be handled easily. The axle to axle measurement on the AMP is 32 inches, making it on the smaller side of bows. Short bows are good for anybody working in tight spaces like ground blinds. In addition to its small frame, it weighs in at an easy to carry 3.9 pounds. If bought as a package, the Quest AMP comes with all the trimmings to have it field ready in no time. Packaged with a sight, bow quiver, peep sight, sling, and stabilizer, you'll only need to buy a few arrows and a release to get started shooting. For shooters wanting speed, the Quest AMP is a bow worth a look. At $599.99, it offers top echelon speed but at a cost the average guy might be able to afford. NEXT: NEW COMPOUND BOWS OF 2016: QUEST FORGE
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