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New Compound Bows of 2016: Quest Forge

The Quest Forge has hit the market in 2016 and has all the components to be a solid bow.

Quest is part of the G5 brand that has been in the archery business since the early 2000's. What started with the G5 Montec broadhead has spawned into two brands of compound bows, Quest and Prime, both surging in popularity. The Prime lineup made headlines when it introduced its parallel cam system a few years ago and has been growing in visibility ever since. While the Quest brand is a bit more obscure, they are still made with the high quality standard of the G5 name. [caption id="attachment_6203" align="alignright" width="250"]Quest Forge Quest Forge[/caption] The Quest Forge is a bow that can suit the needs of many archers. Although advertised as a bow with a 70 pound draw weight, the limbs actually allow for adjustment down to 45 pounds of draw weight. In addition to draw weight adjustment you can calibrate the cams to match your draw length correctly. This bow can easily be adjusted to draw lengths ranging from 25.5 inches to 30 inches. If you happened to crank up the limb tension and pulled the full 70 pounds, the Quest Forge will zip arrows downrange at a respectable 315 feet per second. An arrow with decent arrow mass moving at that speed would provide more than enough kinetic energy to chase almost all big game in North America. The cam system on this bow is called the Fluid SD cam. Quest touts this cam system as an easy drawer in addition to the adequate arrow speed. In most instances cam systems are all about trade offs. If you want the top arrow speed you'll have to accept a difficult pull, and vice versa. The Fluid SD cam seems to be a nice compromise. When it comes to the size department, the Forge once again lands in the category of average. Axle to axle it stretches the tape to 32 inches and weighs in a shade under four pounds. Both specs land it on the small side, but not small enough to be pushing any limits. As with anything in life, you don't have to rush to the extremes to find the right fit. If you choose to purchase the Quest Forge as a designed to hunt package you'll get a rock solid bow equipped with G5's dependable extras. A bow quiver, arrow rest, 5 pin sight, and peep sight all sweeten the pot, and are over a $100 value alone. All you'll need is a release and a few arrows and you'll be shooting in no time. In the end the Quest Forge is a dependable bow at an average cost. This bow is designed as a bow to fit the needs of a large number of shooters. With the G5 name to back it up, I wouldn't be surprised if the Quest brand starts showing up more frequently. NEXT: NEW COMPOUND BOWS OF 2016: DIAMOND CARBON CURE
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