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New Crossbow of 2016: Carbon Express Intercept Axon

If you looking for a customizable crossbow, give the Carbon Express Intercept Axon a hard look.

Every new crossbow seems to have a trait that stands out. For some crossbows it is mind numbing arrow speed. For others it is a bargain price. Sometimes though the strong points of a bow are a little harder to see. One thing is for sure, seeing the strongpoints of the new Carbon Express Intercept Axon is a piece of cake. [caption id="attachment_6414" align="alignright" width="250"]Carbon Express Intercept Axon Carbon Express Intercept Axon[/caption] The Carbon Express Intercept Axon is a compound crossbow that shoots a very respectable 360 feet per second using a 175 pound draw weight. This kind of speed produces enough kinetic energy to take down any game animal on the planet. It can surely pack the punch you'll be looking for on your next hunt. In addition to the hard hitting nature of the Intercept, you can expect this crossbow to be one of the most accurate you will ever shoot. One reason this bow is so accurate is the crisp trigger Carbon Express mounts on it. They didn't skimp on the design and used some of the top technology out there to create a clean breaking trigger with just a 3.5 pound pull. Not only does the Intercept have optimal performance, but it also has a well conceived design. The folks at Carbon Express have a good deal of experience meeting the needs of the hunting community and they realize compact bows are what many hunters want. To fit the bill, engineers designed the Intercept to only be 17 inches when uncocked, and 13.5 inches while cocked. Combine this with a minimum length of 30.25 inches and you'll have a crossbow that can easily accompany you in most treestands and ground blinds. Possibly the most intriguing aspect of the Carbon Express Intercept Axon is the ability to customize it. It has a full 29" Picatinny rail built in which offers loads of potential when you talk about customization. The rail system is designed to accept an almost infinite number of military or commercial AR parts. Depending on your needs (and the hunting laws in your state) you could customize the grip, sling, mounts, lights, lasers, or countless other accessories on the rail. The Intercept also has a six position AR pull style butt stock so you'll easily be able to find just the right shooting position. Finally the foregrip is a full nine inches which provides good control, and can be folded up and out of the way if you find it more comfortable. This crossbow is so adaptable and can accept so many accessories, it might as well be called the Inspector Gadget of the crossbow world. Finally, the folks at Carbon Express definitely crossed their T's and dotted their I's when it comes to safety. It has all the points of safety you'd expect to see from a modern crossbow with a solid shooting safety, anti dry fire technology, and a finger guard rail to keep your fingers out of the way. The bottom line is if you want a crossbow that has excellent performance and customization, take a look at the Carbon Express Intercept Axon. It will surely be one of the top crossbows of 2016. NEXT: BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND AND BETTER THAN EVER; JAGUAR II RECURVE CROSSBOW
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