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New Crossbow of 2016: PSE RDX 400 Crossbow

The PSE RDX 400 is one of the fastest crossbows on the market and is a rock solid all around bow.

PSE has earned a reputation as one of the top names in the archery industry. Since 1970 PSE has been churning out top notch products for a wide range of archers. In 2016 they released their top of the line crossbow, the PSE RDX 400. This bow has it all, and then some. [caption id="attachment_6137" align="alignright" width="250"]PSE RDX 400 PSE RDX 400[/caption] For starters the PSE RDX 400 reveals one of its top selling points right in its name. Its capability a hitting arrow speeds of 400 fps makes this bow one of only a handful on the market that can manage this kind of speed. When you consider this compound crossbow only requires a scant 165 pound draw weight, the speed is that much more impressive. A relatively light draw weight like that opens the door for a much larger group of people to shoot this bow comfortably. Another feature that stands out with this bow is its size. Its axel to axel distance measures in at just a shade over 18 inches making it one of the thinner compound crossbows out there. As far as weight goes the PSE RDX 400 is about average. With a weight of 7.6 pounds it ought to soak up excess vibration upon the shot, but not wear you out after hauling it around. A good deal of weight was discarded from this design when they skeletonized the stock. By doing away with unnecessary stock material they not only decreased the overall weight of this bow, but gave is an edgy tactical appearance as well. As far as the extras go, you'll get everything you need with the PSE RDX 400. It comes standard with an adjustable scope with varying power from one to three. In addition to it adjustment capabilities this scope is illuminated. Any seasoned hunter knows how valuable an illuminated scope can be in a hunting situation. In any regard, the scope should be a good fit for this bow. The folks at PSE also sweetened the deal by chipping in a crossbow sling and crossbow case as well. The PSE RDX 400 is an all around solid crossbow. When you combine its bolt speed with the comfortable size of the bow you end up with a reliable investment. Throw in PSE's reputation and that peace of mind can be a huge benefit as well. In the end the PSE RDX 400 is one of the top crossbows of 2016 and should garner a solid look. NEXT: PARKER AMBUSHER; NEW CROSSBOWS OF 2016
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