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New Crossbow of 2016; Wicked Ridge Warrior G3

If you are looking for a hardworking utility crossbow take a minute to scope out the Wicked Ridge Warrior G3.

The objective of the people over at Wicked Ridge is simple. They want to offer hunters what they feel are accurate, simple, and reliable crossbows. Not only that, but they want to do it at a fraction of the cost of other crossbow manufactures. Teamed up with the renowned people over at TenPoint, Wicked Ridge has put out a lineup of new crossbows that seem to hit the business's mission right on the head. One such crossbow they offer is the Wicked Ridge Warrior G3. [caption id="attachment_6507" align="alignright" width="230"]Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 Wicked Ridge Warrior G3[/caption] The Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 is a solid compound crossbow that may not wow you when browsing the specs, but surely is a capable hunting tool. In fact the Warrior G3 was the winner of Field and Stream's Best of the Test Award this year and was tabbed by the magazine as a Best Buy. The reputation of a publication like Field and Stream stands on its own and their high marks of this crossbow should carry some weight when looking at the bow. When you dive into the specs of this crossbow you'll easily see it is an adequate crossbow and is ready for field work. It uses a light 155 pound draw weight to zip arrows downrange at 320 feet per second. 320 feet per second when paired with an arrow of average hunting weight produces in the ballpark of 96 foot pounds of force. Take a look at any hunting information on the subject and you'll find this kind of power far exceeds the minimum expectation to chase even the toughest game animals out there. However, bows like this don't shoot as flat as faster bows so you'll likely have to get closer for a shot. In the end though, isn't that really what bowhunting is all about? When you get to looking at product reviews of the Wicked Ridge Warrior G3 you'll see people simply raving about this product. It seems like a lot of people give it a try because of the low risk price of only $409.99, but end up with so much more to say. It is regarded by folks who have purchased is as a supremely accurate and quiet crossbow. When you combine the raving reviews of satisfied customers and a trusted publisher like Field and Stream you've got to think they might be onto something. After looking over all the information about the Wicked Ridge G3 it seems like the company drove a tack through their mission with this bow. The Warrior G3 is a highly functional, dependable, and very affordable crossbow package. Whether you are looking for a solid hunting crossbow or just an accurate bow to target shot with, this bow deserves some consideration. NEXT: FEATURED PRODUCT; BARNETT RAPTOR FX2 COMPOUND CROSSBOW
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