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New Crossbow: The TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX

It you are looking for a crossbow designed for a serious shooter, the TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX is worth a closer look.

Many times in life there are trade offs. In order to gain something you must sacrifice something else. For example, when you look at athletes, say football players, you often get people who are big, or people who are fast. The two characteristics don't often cross over. Every once in a while though, there comes along a person who is both big and exceptionally fast. These are the fellas who often wind up with tags like All-Pro next to their names. In the world of crossbows there are trade offs as well. Every once in a while though you get a bow that is the complete package. When you browse the new TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX you might wind up thinking it is the next All-Pro of the crossbow world. [caption id="attachment_6911" align="alignright" width="250"]TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX[/caption] TenPoint has a reputation for making some of the best crossbows on the market, and the Carbon Phantom RCX is no exception. It has everything a serious shooter is looking for in a bow. For starters, it uses a 160 pound draw weight to generate speeds of 385 feet per second. That is some serious efficiency. Not only that, but the bow is certainly a light bow weighing in at less than 7 pounds. One feature that helps to decrease the weight is the carbon fiber barrel. This carbon barrel, which is reason for the Carbon Phantom name, not only reduces weight but it also quiets this bow down. Carbon is an excellent material to include in archery equipment for a variety of reasons and it definitely increases the overall quality of this bow. In terms of size the TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX is a pretty compact package. As mentioned, the mass is only 6.9 pounds in part due to the carbon barrel, and in part due to the stock design. This bow also measures just 17" axle to axle when uncocked. Although it can't compete with some revolutionary new crossbows in this department, it is below par for the course. Including the stirrup this compound crossbow is just over 35" inches long as well. All in all, the bow is light, compact, and should allow you into any hunting situation you an imagine. Any discussion of this bow should include information about the accessories it includes. For one, all of these crossbows come with the TenPoint AcuDraw, or AcuDraw 50 technology. These are integrated cocking devices that can make cocking the crossbow not only easier, but more precise as well. Secondly the bow has a flared finger guard along with rubber finger reminders to help you keep all your digits. In the safety department it of course features an anti-dry fire device to help keep you and your crossbow safe. Finally, this bow comes sighted in out of the factory so you can start slinging arrows on day 1. Check out this video put out by TenPoint featuring this top notch crossbow. Simply put, the TenPoint Carbon Phantom RCX is a complete package with seldom a weakness to be seen. It is fast, light, compact, and comes with all the safety features you would expect. If you are looking to really amp up your shooting, it might be worth a look. NEXT: RAVIN R9 PREDATOR CROSSBOW; WELCOME TO THE FUTURE
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