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SAS Maverick: Your Ticket into the World of Traditional Archery

The SAS Maverick is a low risk option that can have you feeling the allure of traditional archery in no time.

Regardless of whether you currently shoot traditional bows or not, traditional archery is in your blood. At one point or another, nearly all of our ancestors used archery tackle to sustain themselves. Not only that, but traditional archery is still a prevalent part of many cultures around the world. I mean, what American or European kid hasn't heard the story of Robin Hood? This cultural significance is also reflected in other Hollywood blockbusters like Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games. Even the people who don't shoot like to see themselves as the archers featured in those movies. There is a simple romance that surrounds traditional archery you simply can't get around. If you've been feeling the inclination to start shooting traditional archery, but have held back due to start up costs, you may be in luck. The SAS Maverick recurve bow is a great low-cost ticket into the wonderful sport. There are a few features that make this bow a nice one to start with. [caption id="attachment_6915" align="alignright" width="150"]SAS Maverick The SAS Maverick[/caption] First off, this recurve comes in two poundage choices, 40# and 50#. Both of these draw weights are comfortable to shoot and adequate for hunting purposes. In fact, many hunters these days are proclaiming the advantages of low weight bows. Archery is in fact a sport where accuracy is everything. It is worth noting that poundage for traditional bows isn't like poundage of compound bows or crossbows that are permanently established. The poundage indicates the bows weight at a 28" draw. If your draw is shorter than 28" then the draw weight will be less, and vice versa if you draw longer. The second thing that makes this recurve a nice bow for beginners in the simplicity of the rig. Sure, all traditional bows are simple, but the Maverick is as simple as it gets. It was constructed as a single piece bow, rather than a bow with takedown limbs. Also, this bow doesn't come tapped for plungers, stabilizers, or anything else. It is Plain Jane and you'll shoot right off the shelf. The simple design will help a new shooter to focus on their shot and not worry about tweaking their equipment. All in all, this is a very simple bow that is all you'll need to start arcing your own arrows downrange. About the only other pieces of equipment you'll need to get started are a few arrows, a bow stringer, and a shooting glove. With this simple gear you'll be able to breathe life into the ancient sport of traditional archery. By doing so you will be the next link in the chain of people who have experienced the satisfaction of a well aimed arrow striking the target. NEXT: Beginner's Guide to Choosing a Traditional Bow
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