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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New Crossbows For 2012

Intending on taking up game hunting this year? The crossbow could be a good weapon to start with. It’s quiet, relatively cheap, and in the hands of a well-informed beginner, relatively safe. But buying such a crossbow isn’t as straightforward as choosing the most appealing color or suitable camouflage scheme. Considerations such as what sort of game will be hunted and the physical characteristics of the hunter will have to be taken into account. The particular crossbow can be rated by how fast it can shoot its projectile (called a bolt), expressed in feet per second (fps). Generally, the higher this figure is, the larger the prey the crossbow can actually take down. However, the higher fps, the more difficult it is to cock back the string that actually propels the bolt. This is the crossbows draw weight. So the higher the draw weight, the bigger and stronger the hunted should be to be able to use the bow comfortably. Usually, a crossbow with 285 fps is enough for a deer, or black bear and would have a draw weight of about 150 lbs...., which is just appropriate for an averagely built person. For 2012, top crossbow manufacturers have some great gear to offer budding and experienced hunting enthusiasts. Scorpyd has the new Ventilator, supposedly a scaled down version of the popular SLP. The model is available in 100, 125 and 150 lbs. draw weights, delivering up to 400 fps. Roughly 36 inches long and weighing about 8 lbs., the base kit of the Ventilator will cost about $1, 300. Excalibur has two models up for grabs for 2012. The Eclipse XT’s black carbon fiber finish is perfect for hunters who’d rather lurk in the dark. This model can shoot arrows at 330 fps, has a draw weight of 200 lbs., and weighs just under 6. 5 lbs. The base model goes for about $920 and includes scope, quiver and various mounting hardware. Additionally from Excalibur is the $590 Ibex SMF. This can sling a 350 grain arrow at more than 305 fps and has a draw weight of 175 lbs. The compact model which tips the scales at below 6 lbs., is only available as a kit that includes scopes, brackets, and quiver, among others. U. S. -based PSE crossbows also have several new stuff for this year, like the 2012 Crossfire. This bang-for-buck crossbow can be had for as low as $450 but can shoot 100 grain bolts at 320 fps. The package comes with a scope, three 20-inch charger bolts, quiver, and a useful cocking strap.   Click here Crossbows For Sale
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