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New Crossbows of 2016: Barnett Droptine

The Barnett Droptine is one of the new crossbows of 2016 from Barnett.

[caption id="attachment_5791" align="aligncenter" width="175"]Barnett Barnett has released their new crossbows of 2016[/caption] The Barnett Droptine is a new compound crossbow from Barnett to hit the scene in 2016. Like most of the Barnett crossbows, the Droptine is a well crafted crossbow that retails for an affordable price. No matter your budget, the Barnett Droptine is sure to offer something that appeals to you. [caption id="attachment_5936" align="alignright" width="250"]BARNETT-78058-2T The Barnett Droptine Compound Crossbow[/caption] Arrow speeds of the Droptine rival those of any crossbow on the market. Clocking in at 350 fps, this crossbow has enough speed to get the job done. Considering only the top vertical compound bows hit this speed you can easily see the effectiveness of this bow. These capable arrow speeds are achieved through the use of cams. In addition to fast arrow speed another benefit of using cams is the bow requires much less draw weight to achieve the same speed. Pulling the Barnett Droptine shouldn't be a problem with the 160 lb. draw weight, and with an adapter ready to accept a cocking assist device you can even make the job easier. Another area of concern for most hunters when considering a new crossbow is the dimensions of the crossbow. When it comes to weight the Barnett Droptine weighs in at a comfortable seven pounds. This bow is a nice mix of size and speed, and should be a nice quiet shooter. At 19.5 inches axle to axle it is also thinner than most bows, which may help you squeeze into some tight places. Generally speaking compound crossbows are middle of the road when it comes to width. The thinnest bows are reverse limb crossbows, and the widest are recurve crossbows. As with anything each has their benefits and drawbacks. Safety is another area where hunters need to scrutinize a new crossbow purchase. Barnett has done their best to ensure this bow is not only a quality performer, but also a safe bow to shoot. With a specially designed stock the finger guard system and pass through grip option will make it nearly impossible to clip you fingers with this bow. Another feature designers put an emphasis on is integrating a quality dry fire system into each bow. When it comes to crossbows there is no need to take chances, and the folks at Barnett weren't taking any when they created the Droptine. In the end the Barnett Droptine is solid crossbow with all of the specs and attributes to be a effective weapon in the field or on the range. If you are looking for a new crossbow in 2016, it might be one you want to take a look at. NEXT: NEW CROSSBOWS OF 2016: TENPOINT CARBON NITRO RDX
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