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New Crossbows of 2016: TenPoint Turbo GT

Whether you are looking for speed or comfort, the TenPoint Turbo GT is one in a lineup of new crossbows every serious hunter should take a look at.

[caption id="attachment_5921" align="aligncenter" width="150"]TenPoint One of the most trusted names in the crossbow world has come out with their new crossbows of 2016.[/caption] TenPoint, one of the most trusted and proven names in the archery business, has released their new crossbows of 2016. One crossbow that might catch your eye is the TenPoint Turbo GT. If you are searching for a quality crossbow, from a great company, that has everything you need to hunt anything, anywhere, it would be worth your time to take a look at this new product. [caption id="attachment_5922" align="alignright" width="250"]TenPoint Turbo GT TenPoint Turbo GT[/caption] It seems the first question most people have when looking for new crossbows is arrow speed. The TenPoint Turbo GT has the muscle to get the job done, firing a 370 grain arrow at a capable 370 fps. For clarification, a 370 grain arrow traveling at 370 fps. will give you more than enough kinetic energy to take down any big game animal on the planet. In the speed department this hunting crossbow fits the bill. Another feature TenPoint wanted to address in their new Turbo model was the weight. The TenPoint Turbo GT is nearly a half pound lighter than last year's model and weighs in at a scant 6.5 pounds. There are pros and cons to shooting a light bow, with a major positive obviously being the pleasure of carrying a light crossbow. If you get out and cover lots of miles when out in the field, lighter just might be the way to go. To lighten the bow up the manufacturers gutted the stock leaving only what was necessary for performance. By coincidence this decision not only lightened up the bow, but gave it a stylish look as well. Finally to lighten the TenPoint Turbo GT up even more TenPoint decided to shorten the overall length by three inches, giving it a grand total of 35 inches in length. Treestand hunters and ground blind hunters alike can appreciate the big difference three inches can make. The package deal offered really sweetens the pot when you consider the scope mounted on this new crossbow. The TenPoint Pro-View scope offers the ability to adjust the scope to red or green dots depending on your preference. In addition to the color change capabilities the scope also has five different settings for brightness. Any hunter can appreciate the importance of having enough light those last five minutes. At the end of the day, the TenPoint Turbo GT crossbow is a great option for anyone looking to purchase a quality crossbow this year. New crossbows are often a big investment for people and it takes time to find the right fit. With all the options it offers, the Turbo just might be the right bow for you. NEXT: NEW CROSSBOWS OF 2016; EXCALIBUR MATRIX BULLDOG 400
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