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New Crossbows of 2017: Horton Vortex RDX

If you are looking for comfort and accuracy, the Horton Vortex RDX is worth a look.

[caption id="attachment_6770" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Horton Horton has released one of its new crossbows of 2017.[/caption] As the new crossbows of 2017 start to hit the shelf, it will be fun to watch what direction companies take this year. We're likely to see some very fast crossbows hit the market. Others will aim to include more cutting-edge designer features. Still others may aim to produce the most affordable crossbow out there. One company, Horton, has just released one of its new crossbows of 2017, and it appears to be a dandy. The Horton Vortex RDX reverse limb crossbow is a brand new bow, and has earned much praise in its short stint on the market.

Horton Vortex RDX

[caption id="attachment_6769" align="alignright" width="251"]Horton Vortex RDX Horton Vortex RDX Crossbow[/caption] The Horton Vortex RDX is one of several crossbows out there using reverse limb design. There are a handful of benefits of the reverse limb design some shooters may appreciate. For starters, reverse limb crossbows are generally very compact by nature. The Vortex RDX is no different. Measuring just over 9 inches axle to axle when cocked makes this one of the slimmest crossbows out there. When uncocked it still measures less than 15 inches. That may provide a little extra maneuverability to folks who hunt in ground blinds and tight tree stand situations. Another advantage of the reverse is the weight distribution. By design, a reverse limb bow will have better balance than a conventional bow. Because more the weight is shifted toward the shooter, holding steady is generally regarded as easier. In fact, the comfort and ease of aim, of the Horton Vortex RDX is something folks can't stop talking about. Check out this Youtube video to see what one RDX enthusiast says. As you can tell, the maneuverability and comfort of the bow, are two things the shooter can't seem to get over. In the performance department, this bow is an adequate hunting tool. It shoots arrows downrange at a pretty average 340 feet per second. One aspect of the bow you might find intriguing is the low draw weight. Most bows hitting this kind of speed are pulling at around 160-175 pounds of draw weight. The Vortex RDX uses a much lighter 135 pound draw weight to achieve the same speed. Not only that, but it comes standard with your choice cocking device. If you like a traditional cocking device the Dedd Sled is the way to go. There is also the option to mount a built-in ACUdraw cocking system. Not only does the ACUdraw makes cocking a breeze, but some folks believe they are more accurate as well. The Horton Vortex RDX is an all-around solid crossbow. If you are a fan of the reverse limb design, it might be a good option. It retails for $799 as a package deal. For that price you'll not only get the bow, but a handful of arrows, a quiver, scope, and your choice of cocking mechanism. If you are a shooter or hunter who doesn't need the fastest bow on the market, just a nice shooter that can get the job done, it might be worth a closer look. NEXT: THE RAVIN R9 CROSSBOW IS WHAT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR
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