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The Ravin R9 Crossbow is What You've Been Waiting For

The Ravin R9 crossbow is not only a new crossbow, but it is a revolutionary approach to crossbow design.

[caption id="attachment_6763" align="aligncenter" width="227"]Ravin Ravin, a new crossbow manufacturer, is sure to catch some attention with its cutting-edge new crossbows.[/caption] Every now and again a crossbow comes along that truly innovates. Whether it be in design or performance, a company decides to take a risk and break from standard procedure. This is the phenomenon that keeps archery growing and evolving. This year one company, Ravin, has decided to lay the chips down and gamble on a new crossbow. The result may be one of the most exciting and quality bows on the market new in 2017; the Ravin R9 crossbow.

Ravin R9 Crossbow

[caption id="attachment_6764" align="alignright" width="224"]Ravin R9 crossbow The Ravin R9 crossbow has a bounty of fresh features.[/caption] The first thing that strikes you about the Ravin R9 crossbow is the look. It is sleek, slender, and looks like something out of a Hollywood movie more than a functioning crossbow. Without a doubt the first thing you'll notice about this bow is how slim it is. In fact, it is touted as the most compact crossbow ever created. Incredibly the Ravin R9 measures only 6 inches when cocked. 6 inches! The only other bows that even come close are a few reverse limb bows in the 10 inch range. The funny thing is that the R9 is only 10.5 inches when uncocked. If you are looking for an ultra compact design in your crossbow, there is no other choice. With a cutting-edge new design, the first thing naysayers will question is the performance of the bow. Is it all show and no go? What about accuracy? In the performance department, the Ravin R9 crossbow certainly isn't a slouch. As for speed, this crossbow clocks in at a blistering 391 feet per second. That kind of speed puts it right up there with the fastest bows out there. Critics may also question the accuracy of this unique design. This is actually one area some people are concerned. From what I've seen, the R9 is not a bow where accuracy is an issue. On the other hand, accuracy seems to be a strength of this bow. By in large, the reviews from around the country on this bow point to it being an incredibly accurate bow. Stories of touching fletchings and Robin Hoods are often brought up in conversation when discussing it. If you are interested in purchasing the R9, make sure to do your homework, and you'll likely be impressed with what you hear. Here is a Youtube video one visitor at this year's SHOT show was able to get of the product. As you can see the Ravin R9 has a few features that set it apart in addition to its profile. The cranking system, the cams, and the rail system all include innovative features that make this crossbow truly a one-of-a-kind. has a bounty of videos on features of this bow you can access here. The Ravin R9 crossbow is likely to be one of 2017's hottest crossbows out there. In spite of it being newly released, it seems to already have already generated a good deal of excitement in the crossbow crowd. It has so many features that make it stand out, you'll likely be hearing more from this upstart crossbow company. NEXT: 7 FASTEST CROSSBOWS FROM THECROSSBOWSTORE.COM
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