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New Crossbows of 2017: SAS Authority Crossbow

The solid performance and price of the SAS Authority crossbow would make it a nice addition to any arsenal.

So many of the things we buy and sell these days are adorned with frills. Extra this, and gadgets for that. Heck, I have a vehicle with heated and cooled seats. What happened to a seat just being a place to rest your keester on a long drive? Sometimes the extravagance is nice, and sometimes just having a tool that gets the job done fits best. If you are looking for a blue collar crossbow, and don't need many fancy frills, the SAS Authority is one bow that might warrant a second look.

SAS Authority Crossbow

Southland Archery Supply, or SAS, has a reputation for making a working man's crossbow. Browse their lineup and you'll see highly functional, and affordable bows across the board. The SAS Authority is no different. This compound crossbow is simple, yet effective. It includes a few features that allow for customization, but doesn't go over the top in terms of excessive embellishments. [caption id="attachment_6805" align="alignleft" width="166"]SAS Authority crossbow SAS Authority crossbow[/caption] The Authority pulls a pretty average 175 pound draw weight, and also comes standard with a rope cocking device as part of the package. Once the crossbow is cocked, it has a crisp trigger that releases arrows downrange at up to 340 feet per second. Compared to other crossbows out there, this kind of speed is middle of the road. It packs enough punch to be an efficient hunting tool, but won't dazzle crowds at the chronograph. In regards to its effectiveness, the Authority has a few features that allow for customization to your liking. First off, like many SAS crossbows, it features an adjustable stock to allow the most comfortable shooting position. Second, this SAS crossbow is built on a picatinny rail system. The picatinny rail is a standard rail system used by firearm shooters. It allows customizable features to be added and swapped depending on the liking of the shooter. Many crossbows these days use a picatinny rail in their construction. In the case of the Authority, the 4x32 scope comes standard on the rail. Like all SAS crossbows, perhaps the most appealing aspect is the price tag. At a paltry $249, it's hard to believe this crossbow is brand new, let alone comes as a package with quiver and 3 arrows included. Although this crossbow likely won't win any Editor's Choice Awards as Bow of the Year, it is more than capable of landing some venison or turkey in the freezer. If you're looking for a simple, yet effective, hunting tool, the SAS Authority crossbow is worth a closer look. NEXT: NEW CROSSBOW OF 2017; SAS TROY 370
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