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New Compound Bow of 2017: Obsession Turmoil - They Did it Again

One of the fastest rising bow companies lives up to its reputation with the Obsession Turmoil compound bow.

[caption id="attachment_6801" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Obsession Bows logo Obsession Bows is fast becoming one of the most popular brands out there.[/caption] Have you ever had a million dollar idea? The idea that pops into your head and you feel like people would simply love it. I feel like I've had plenty of them over the years, but like most folks those ideas simply wandered to the back of my mind and wasted away. This seems to be the common demise of million dollar ideas. Some folks act on those ideas though, and I imagine that is exactly what happened to the folks making Obsession bows. They have risen through the ranks so quickly, their founder must have had a million dollar idea and decided to do something about it. Over the past few years Obsession has quickly make a name for itself, and has garnered awards from OutDoor Life for their bows. This year they aimed high once again with the Obsession Turmoil. This bow is drawing rave reviews from nearly anyone who gets a chance to shoot one. Before we dive into the specs, take a look at this video put out by a group who got their hands on one. Even from the video footage you can tell how smooth the draw cycle is, and how quiet it is. The reviewer also discusses how dead the bow is, which is great for accurate shooting. [caption id="attachment_6802" align="alignright" width="223"]Obsession Turmoil Obsession Turmoil[/caption] As mentioned in the video review, the Obsession Turmoil is a fast shooting bow. It is capable of hitting speeds of 350 feet per second. One of the downfalls of fast bows is they generally are noisy and suffer on accuracy. The Turmoil appears to have overcome both obstacles. Not only is the bow quiet, as you can see in the video, but folks who shoot it rave about its accuracy. Speed, performance, comfort, and great for the woods, what isn't there to love? You might expect a bow like this to retail in the range of $1,200 or more. The truth is the Turmoil isn't even the flagship bow of this company. As a result, right now you can get your hands on a Turmoil for $649 from This is about as good a deal as you will find. If you are looking to get your hands on a hot new compound bow of 2017, the Obsession Turmoil might be worth a closer look. NEXT: THE PSE CARBON AIR HD COMPOUND BOW IS STATE OF THE ART
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