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New Crossbow of 2017: SAS Troy 370

If you are looking for affordability and performance rolled into one, the SAS Troy 370 is worth a look.

[caption id="attachment_6796" align="aligncenter" width="272"]SAS logo SAS has released their best performing crossbow to date.[/caption] 2017 is sure to bring some hot new bows and crossbows to the market. New companies, old companies, new ideas, and old innovations will all be front and center trying to compete for your business. That's good news if you are in the market for some new archery equipment. You'll have more choice than ever before, and you'll have access to the best technology available. The tough part is deciding what bow best suits your needs. If you are shopping on a budget, SAS is one company that has you covered. SAS has built a reputation for cranking out low-cost, but functional, crossbows and compound bows. They consistently market bows under $300, and right now no bow created by SAS is listed over $500 on Their newest release, the SAS Troy 370 crossbow, is their fastest crossbow to date.

SAS Troy 370

[caption id="attachment_6797" align="alignright" width="183"]SAS Troy 370 SAS Troy 370[/caption] The Troy 370 is an efficient compound crossbow that zips arrows downrange at an impressive 370 feet per second. It stands atop their lineup as their fastest bow. The speed is achieved by using an average 185 pound draw weight and advanced cams. Although speed certainly isn't everything to consider, it is part of the equation. Speed helps create momentum, and momentum is what gives you penetration on your hunting targets. If you consider the 370 feet per second speed, and pair it with an average 400 grain arrow, you would get a whopping .657 slugs of momentum and 121.57 foot pounds of kinetic energy. That's enough hunt anything but King Kong. In addition to speed, the SAS Troy 370 has a few other features shooters should appreciate. For one, the bow incorporates the picatinny rail system that has become so popular. The picatinny rail is often used on AR rifles, and allows for rapid and painless customization. If there is accessory that goes on an AR rifle, odds are it will also attach to this Troy crossbow as well. The Troy 370 also features an adjustable stock from 34.5" to 37" which will help you find the most comfortable shooting position possible. Speaking of size, this bow is also a nice and compact crossbow as well. When uncocked it is only 18" wide. Not too shabby when you compare it to other crossbows out there. The final features worth mentioning on this bow is the $399 price tag it carries. If you spend more than 5 minutes browsing new crossbows, you'll quickly realize how good of a deal this is. With the performance offered, you simply won't find a better deal right now. If you are looking for a high performance, adjustable, and economy crossbow the SAS Troy 370 might be worth a closer look. NEXT: NEW CROSSBOWS OF 2017; HORTON VORTEX RDX
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