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The PSE Carbon Air HD Compound Bow is State of the Art

The PSE Carbon Air HD compound is fast becoming one of the most popular bows on the market.

[caption id="attachment_6791" align="aligncenter" width="251"]PSE Carbon Air HD The PSE Carbon Air HD compound bow is turning some heads.[/caption] What does it take to make a good idea great? Time. Energy. Talent. Sure, all of these likely play a role in making something great come to life. This seems to be the case when the folks at PSE sat down to develop the PSE Carbon Air HD compound bow. This bow takes such a unique and bold approach to bow design, it showcases features no other bow could offer. To begin, the Carbon Air HD is actually the second carbon bow PSE has produced. Sure enough, in 1996 PSE actually manufactured the Carbon-Lite. At that point the bow simply wasn't up to the test and the idea was abandoned. It may have taken 20 years, but PSE engineers have overcome the challenges that face an ultra-light carbon bow like the HD. The biggest draw to the PSE Carbon Air HD is the design. All cosmetics aside, this bow is built unlike any other bow out there. As the name implies it is built using carbon, but the monocoque technology is cutting edge. Monocoque simply refers to the bow's frame being constructed from a single piece of carbon. Just for a reference, it's the same concept Lamborghini used when they created a $2 million carbon car. This single piece design makes the Air HD unbelievably strong for the weight. Speaking of weight, the Carbon Air HD weighs in at 3.2 pounds. At that weight, it will be one of the lightest compound bows on the market this year for certain. [caption id="attachment_6792" align="alignleft" width="300"]S-RAC S-RAC technology is designed to take the vibration out of this ultra light bow.[/caption] Some shooters shy away from light weight bows because of the increased vibration and noise they tend to produce. Sure enough, browse through some back articles on this blog and you'll likely find this brought up on many of the lightweight bows. PSE didn't pretend like noise and vibration wasn't an issue with this bow, they overcame it. At the core of the HD is PSE's S-RAC technology. This is a specialty material that has one purpose; soak up vibrations that produce noise. If the S-RAC technology does its job, PSE may have licked a chronic problem of light bows. When it comes to performance, the PSE Carbon Air HD shoots right up there with the best of them. It advertises arrow speeds upwards of 340 feet per second, which also makes it one of the faster bows out there. The Air uses HD cams designed by PSE, that allow draw length adjustments from 24 1/2 to 30 1/2 inches without having to use a bowpress. The Air HD also features a compact length, stretching the tape at a compact 32 inches axle-to-axle. Again, short axle-to-axle bows have a tendency toward finicky shooting, but the folks at PSE seem to always churn out precise shooters. If you are looking for a state of the art bow, the PSE Carbon Air HD compound bow is one you should certainly take a look at. With its price tag, it's not something everyone can afford, but folks with the means may find it intriguing. There are a few bows that may rival the Air HD in technology, but they certainly are few and far between. NEXT: CHECK OUT THESE TOP SELLING BOWS ON THECROSSBOWSTORE.COM
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