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The Ghostblind; Will it Really Make You Disappear?

If you are a ground blind hunter, the Ghostblind will certainly catch your attention.

[caption id="attachment_6786" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Ghostblind The Ghostblind is a unique ground blind that might give you the advantage you need while pursuing game at eye level.[/caption] As primarily a ground hunter, I feel there is no more intense way to hunt. Ground hunting requires you to get eye-to-eye with your quarry, down on their turf, and playing to their strengths. Really, the odds are stacked against a ground hunter much more so than a tree stand hunter. I'm certainly not against tree stand hunting by any means. It is a supremely efficient way to hunt. Personally though, I find the ground much better suits my tastes, even if my level of success is somewhat lower. Many folks like me prefer the flexibility of a spot and stalk hunt, or still hunt. Traveling, finding game, and adjusting on the fly are all part of the ground hunt process. Occasionally though, even a ground hunter can try to anchor in one place for a while and set up in ambush. Like a tree stand, waiting in an ambush location can really pay off. Of course, ground blinds today are a great option for a sit-and-wait ambush hunt. There is one new product you may have heard of though that takes a different approach to ground hunting. This unique product is called the Ghostblind, and might be a good fit for your hunting pursuits. The Ghostblind is a unique ground blind that has several appealing qualities. It is built using plexiglass mirrors as the blind material. The idea is that the mirrors reflect vegetation surrounding the blind to provide an all natural and seamless camouflage. Not only that, but the Ghostblind has a level of portability that no other ground blind seems to offer. It can be set up and taken down in the matter of mere seconds. Also, at 8 pounds, the mirror blind can be easily moved to react to changing hunting conditions. Here is a brief video put out by the Ghostblind manufacturers. As you can see, the blind can certainly blend you into any environment imaginable. Personally, I can see only a few disadvantages of this ground blind system. One, you would certainly want to pack a chair around as well (as with any ground blind), so that would decrease your mobility more than you may initially plan on. Secondly, in windy locations the Ghostblind hasn't proven to have a reliable staking system. Although I personally don't have any experience with the blind, several folks I know have mentioned the problems it has in the wind. Other than that, they seemed very satisfied. As with everything, the Ghostblind has pros and cons. It offers the absolute best camouflage pattern you could ask for. The quick setup can also give you more flexibility and adaptability than a conventional ground blind. If you are in an area where high winds are not a concern, it might be a good option for a spring turkey hunt, or other upcoming ground hunt. NEXT:MISSING THE MARK? USE THESE SIMPLE GEAR TIPS TO SOLVE SHOOTING MISTAKES
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