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Surviving the February Archery Doldrums With the Judo Point

When the trying times of February roll around, the adamant archer can reach for their trusty judo point.

February. Thank goodness it only lasts 28 days. I'm not disgruntled by the weather. Sure it is cold and snowy, but I appreciate the adverse weather. In fact, the challenges of the February woods and prairie are ones I embrace. Nope, it's not the weather that makes it the toughest month to endure. February is difficult because what is an avid archer to do? Seasons are closed, and won't be opening soon. Shooting the backyard target is one option, but after a few days of that I'm always looking for something more. Keeping your archery routine fresh is hard to do in slow winter months. To get my archery fix, and overcome the boredom, I reach for one lifesaver; the simple judo point. [caption id="attachment_6781" align="alignleft" width="202"]Judo point The popular judo point can get you outside to navigate the February doldrums.[/caption] Although most archers are familiar with the popular point, some newbies may not yet be acquainted with them. A judo point is a specialty arrow point, made for stump shooting or roving. They have a small rod in the center with long arms extending outward. The rod serves as a stunning device for small game, while the arms keep your arrows from burying under grass, shrubs, leaves, and other foliage. While they can be an adequate hunting head for particularly small game like cotton tail, squirrel, or similarly sized game, they should never be shot at anything larger. They kill best by stunning, and have no sharp edges for slicing upon penetration. Using a judo point, especially in long winter months, has several advantages. First, a judo point provides a much needed excuse to get out and stretch your legs in your favorite local haunts. Come February, I'm sure I'm not the only one who could use a little extra exercise. On a nice day, just having an excuse to get out is good enough for me. Sure, maybe you won't chase exciting game like deer, elk, or even turkey, but you can learn more about your favorite area at a different time of year. Another significant benefit of using a judo point that seasoned archers well-know is the practice opportunity they afford. Shots in the backyard, and at the range, are great for building form and technique. These locations don't necessarily get you practice in hunting situations though. We all know that severe angles, vegetation, and unknown yardages come into play while hunting. Few and far between are the shots like we simulate in the backyard. Judo points are ideal for practicing hunting shots in the real environment you may hunt. Even if you aren't looking to improve your hunting skills, they are flat out fun to shoot. Taking long shots, trick shots, or threading the needle through thick brush all contribute to a enjoyable afternoon afield. With some luck, this February will serve up a few nice days. If you've got a bad case of cabin fever, I'd suggest taking your archery equipment out for a shoot. Pack along a judo point and you might stave off the mid-winter blues for another year. February. Thank goodness it's only 28 days. NEXT: LEGEND OF ARCHERY FRED BEAR; THE MAN WHO NEEDS NO INTRODUCTION
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