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Introducing all new designed website. Notes: All existing accounts need to create new passwords. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Obession Final Cut: A Bow for Tournament Shooters Everywhere

If you are a tournament shooter and are looking for the next big thing to hit the scene, take a look at the Obsession Final Cut.

As a sport archery has really been pushing the limits recently. Each year bow manufactures are making bows just a little bit faster, a little bit more accurate, and a little bit more customizable. Over time that translates into huge gains for shooters everywhere. Bows today are the culmination of mistakes made and corrected and good ideas put into practice. Today's bows, especially flagship bows, should be the best you've ever shot. So it is with the Obsession Final Cut. [caption id="attachment_6512" align="alignleft" width="250"]Obsession Final Cut Obsession Final Cut[/caption] The Obsession Final Cut is the company's competition flagship bow this year. It utilizes a shoot through riser design to achieve the highest level of accuracy. Like all competition bows, that is what the Obsession Final Cut is all about; accuracy. It has a 37 inch axle to axle measurement and a brace height of 7 7/8 inches. Seasoned competition shooters are looking for a bow with these dimensions as longer axle to axle bows and larger brace heights generally increase an archer's accuracy. The folks at Obsession also tout this bow as to have no slide lateral torque or side load. In other words, with its shoot-through design the Final Cut won't place any lateral torque on the bow. In the eyes of the average archer these gains may be small, but for competition shooters this could be the edge they are looking for. When you hear folks talk about the Obsession Final Cut the one thing you hear over and over again is the bow's stability. Any bow that feels stable in your hand increases confidence before the shot. The stability is not an accident however, and can be directly attributed to the bow's design. Another aspect of the Obsession Final Cut you can customize to change the feel of a bow's stability is the let off. This bow advertises an 80% let off, but this can be decreased to accommodate each shooter's preference. The final perk this bow offers is the color choice. It comes in a myriad of color options from lime green to muddy girl. If you like to have a bow that really stands out the bow also comes in gold and chrome. Here is a full list of the color options. Competitions shooters out there will no doubt take the Obsession Final Cut seriously. Obsession is one of the up and coming bow manufacturers and their flagship competition bow is sure to catch people's attention. If you are in the market for a competition bow give it a look over and see if it is right for you. NEXT: MEET THE BEST TARGET BOW EVER MADE; THE PSE XPRESSION
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