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Offseason Bow Maintenance: 3 Chores

With hunting seasons long over, and even the earliest spring seasons more than a month out, now is the time to go through your offseason bow maintenance chores.

[caption id="attachment_5988" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Offseason bow maintenance is essential for in season success. Offseason bow maintenance is essential for in season success.[/caption] Like many things, our modern bows are becoming more and more complex. Many of these changes benefit shooters, and make our bows either more accurate, lighter, or faster. However, most of these changes also come hand in hand with more moving parts, and moving parts need maintenance. If you want your hunting equipment to perform during the season, you have to perform your offseason bow maintenance chores to make sure it is firing on all cylinders. Everybody develops their own systems in the offseason for maintenance, but here are 3 chores most people will perform during their offseason bow maintenance checklist.


Strings and cables probably require the most care during the offseason. They are typically the first area of concern a new bow will have, and they wear faster than any other part. String maintenance is a pretty easy chore that begins with a simple inspection of the string and waxing. Check for any signs of wear that might indicate the string is getting weak. Any major areas of fraying indicate a new string may be needed. Make sure to purchase a quality string that won't creep or stretch on you after brief use. Any new string will have to be ordered specifically for your make and model of bow. Also be sure and check your serving to ensure they will be able to hold up for the next year. If there is any question about whether it should be re-served, make sure to take care of it early.


Unless you are shooting a traditional bow, your bow needs to be oiled when performing your offseason bow maintenance duties. Several companies make a quality lubricant specifically designed for archery equipment. Just a dab of lubricant typically goes a long ways and doesn't need to be overdone. Make sure you hit all moving parts on your bow, even on your release.

Allen Bolts

The final offseason bow maintenance chore everybody can perform is to check all the allen bolts on your rig. These little bolts have a tendency to work loose from time to time, and losing one can be disastrous. If you buy an affordable allen multi wrench tool you can take care of this job easily. Make sure to check any allen bolts in the cams, on your rest, and in your sight. Also, if you have an adjustable release that uses allen bolts make sure they are tightened as well. The slow time of the hunting year is the best time to perform your offseason bow maintenance chores. We rely heavily on our equipment come spring or fall, and must do our best to ensure it is operating at peak performance. By taking care of those chores in the offseason you will avoid a potentially disastrous breakdown when you need it most. NEXT: BOWFISHING GEAR; IT'S NEVER TOO SOON TO LOOK
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