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Parker Ambusher: New Crossbows of 2016

Looking for a nice entry level crossbow to take to the woods on your next hunt? The Parker Ambusher crossbow might just be the right bow for the job.

[caption id="attachment_6048" align="aligncenter" width="181"]Parker has released their new crossbows of 2016. Parker has released their new crossbows of 2016.[/caption] Parker has earned a reputation as a solid brand in the crossbow industry. They have accomplished this by putting out well crafted crossbows at an affordable price. Like most companies, each year Parker tries to add new models to its lineup to appease consumers.This year's newest model is the Parker Ambusher. [caption id="attachment_6049" align="alignright" width="250"]Parker Ambusher Compound Crossbow Parker Ambusher Compound Crossbow[/caption] The Parker Ambusher crossbow is a middle of the road crossbow that retails for a very reasonable price. This compound crossbow registers maximum arrow speeds of 315 feet per second. At these speeds it is definitely a capable hunting crossbow for North America's most popular big game species. One aspect of the Parker Ambusher shooters, especially new shooters, are sure to love is the adaptability of the package. Each Ambusher comes with adjustable draw weight capability. These handy bows can adjust from a 135 to a 160 pound draw weight. Adjusting the draw weight will of course have an impact on arrow speed, but a beginner might like starting out with a lighter pull. This crossbow's butt pad also can be removed for a one inch change in stock length. Small changes like this will help the Parker Ambusher feel just right when you go to squeeze the trigger. Another part of the Ambusher's design people are sure to appreciate is the paltry 6.5 pound weight. Typically a lighter crossbow weight will lead to a louder crossbow upon the shot. However, with the lighter draw weight and standard limb dampeners sound shouldn't be an issue. Hunters will also appreciate the design of the bow. The pistol grip provides a comfortable feel maneuverability. It is also balanced so as to keep the center of gravity further back which increases accuracy. Any seasoned whitetail hunter will appreciate this crossbow in the hunting woods. In the safety department the folks at Parker dotted their I's when it came to the Ambusher. This capable hunting crossbow comes with an auto engaging safety trigger system so you won't have to worry about switching it on. Also the bow's auto engaging anti-dry fire system will keep you and your bow safe from accidental firing. Finally the passthrough grip design on the foregrip and flared finger guard will keep your fingers out of the way while your string zips past. The Ambusher is a capable hunting crossbow produced by a respected hunting company. It comes in camo green and pink as well. Although the Parker Ambusher is designed for the entry-level beginner, it no doubt has the bells and whistles to keep any serious shooter happy for years to come. NEXT: PARKER HURRICANE: NEW CROSSBOW OF 2016.
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